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Children are flowers of life. Giving birth to a child makes the life of a parent full of sense and in spite of all the difficulties that come along with the appearance of a new family member makes parents full of proud and joy.

If you are preparing to make a great step in your life and become a parent soon you will find here lots of tips and prompts that will help you. If you already have children of any age and need some advice on taking care about them you can search for useful things in the corresponding to the child's age units. Or maybe it is a great time for you to plan everything properly and to get organized and do some things that will make your life easier once baby arrives. So, whether you're just toying with the idea of motherhood or you've been trying for a while, the conception and fertility resources of "Trying To Conceive" and "Pregnancy" will help you on your journey to giving a new life.

If you are already pregnant or have a child - go to the next items to find out the well-known facts and brand-new researches concerning taking care and education, health and psychology of a child. And wise parents who are desirous of giving the child all advantages commence before the birth of the child, even before the conception, may just prayerfully turn their thoughts toward the task they are undertaking.

Now you don't have endless hours to read hundreds of long parenting books to find the answers. With the help of this site you will find answers on your questions. When time comes and loving man and woman decide to give birth to a child they should be 100% sure and aware and we are here to help in it.

We propose you to start with the section that will help you to collect your thoughts together if you are planning to become a parent soon and now only trying to conceive. Recommendation on your health before taking a great step in your life will be useful. For anyone who is trying to conceive, we know it's an uphill battle, as well as an emotional journey to achieve that ultimate goal to have a baby. Even though almost half of all fertility problems are women's health problems, both partners should be fully involved as well as tested, to diagnose all probable factors of infertility.

If that phase had a success your will become a parent in 9 months. Pregnancy is a time of exciting change. Your body is changing and soon your family life will be joyously altered forever. Here you will find information how to prepare for pregnancy in the months before the baby is conceived. Especially as a first time parent there are a lot of things that need to be in order before the baby comes. Advices will help future mothers to deal with discomforts of pregnancy. Getting ready for a new baby is a busy time, but because there are so many things to prepare for, it's easy to lose sight of some of the bigger issues you need to think about.

The birth of a child is one of the most miraculous and incredible experiences that one gets to witness or experience in a lifetime. To those who have fears and anxiety here are articles that help to understand the process of giving birth and solve all the problems you may have to face during such an important act as bringing into the world another human being.

Becoming a parent is a time of excitement, but it's also a time of new responsibility. There are many things you can do while pregnant that will protect your family's future. Having a small baby will need all your time and attention but you shouldn't be afraid of the troubles that come along if pay some time to read the item about newborn babies on this site.

Read parenting resource that addresses key challenges and questions that new parents will face in their baby's first year. The information included is based on the most frequently expressed concerns of new parents, extensive research, and personal experience. Taking care of a baby can be not only demanding but rewarding. From the first smile of your baby to its first steps taken, first words spoken and other memorial moments to keep up with - read in the sections called "Newborn" and "Baby".

Time comes fast and it is time for the child to get some education. When a child is old enough to become a group member and communicate with children of the same age and with adults you should encourage your child and help to deal with new responsibility and tasks. Look the "School Age" section. When things come to education parents should be aware that there is no perfect approach that works for every child. Things that work great on your nephew or your neighbour or another of your kids may not work on your child with special needs, and something that works for that child one year may loose effectiveness the next. Keeping up on different approaches, taking what works and leaving the rest is a good policy. The rearing and educating of our children is the most important contribution we can make toward human development.

The items of the Teenage section deals with so many troubles that parents of a teen may face to: from acne treatment to sexual education. Teenage years are the time for parent and teacher to practice tolerance and to feel sympathy for the growing youth who faces many problems. The most powerful tool that parents have for raising their children is the natural emotional bond that exists between them and their child. No child who feels a strong bond with his parents will risk losing this connection by disobeying.

Conveying our love to our children is priority number one in building a healthy sense of self-esteem in our children. It needs to come before any other aspect of the parenting process, such as, setting limits or correcting behaviour.

Read and learn how to master the art of bringing up children.

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