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Aulaire Female Latin Well spoken.
Alahhaois Male Irish Famous soldier.
Asahel Male Biblical Creature of God.
Anisa Female Arabic friendly
Abdul Mutaal Male Arabic Servant of the Most High.
Aalok Male Hindi Light of God.
Ahuda Female Hebrew Dearly loved.
Arlene Female Irish a pledge
Aundrea Female Greek Feminine of Andrew.
Ansgar Male Celtic Warrior.
Anatoli Male Greek Easterner.
Amhika Female Indian Mother.
Abdul-Rahim Male Arabic Servant of the Most Compassionate.
Almund Male Anglo-Saxon Defender of the temple.
Awstin Male Welsh August.
Alohilani Male Hawaiian Variant of Alohalani: Full of compassion.
Aurelian Male Latin From Aurehanus which is derived from the Latin aurum meaning gold or golden. A 3rd century Roman emperor was named Aurelian.
Apharsathchites Female Biblical Dividing or rending.
Argi Female Basque Light.
Adalrik Male German Noble friend.
Arlys Male Anglo-Saxon Honorable.
Aaleyah Female Arabic Variant of Aleyah: Exalted. Highest social standing.
Absyrtus Male Greek Brother of Medea.
Almon-diblathaim Female Biblical Hidden in a cluster of fig trees. Non-Gerderized Biblical Name
Amalek Male Biblical A people that licks up
Aherin Male Gaelic Owns many horses.
Attheaeldre Female English At the elder tree.
Abdel Kadir Male Arabic Variant of Abdal Qadir: Servant of the capable.
Ahiram Male Biblical Brother of craft or of protection
Acwel Male Anglo-Saxon Kills.
Apocrypha Female Biblical Hidden. Non-Gerderized Biblical Name
Abaddon Male Biblical The destroyer
Arif Male Arabic Knowing.
Agdta Female Spanish Kind.
Abdul Haq Male Arabic Servant of the Truth.
Alcander Male Greek strong
Abdul-Tawaab Male Arabic Servant of the Forgiver.
Aerwyna Female English Friend of the sea.
Aiko Female Japanese little love, beloved
Ayodhya Male Indian From Ayodhya.
Allys Female Teutonic Noble humor.
Arub Female Arabic Loves her husband.
Araminta Female Hebrew lofty
Agnimukha Male Indian Face of fire.
Ance Female Hebrew Grace.
Andranetta Female Greek Manly. Brave. Feminine form of Andrew.
Abdal Rauf Male Arabic Servant of the compassionate.
Alard Male Teutonic Resolute.
Armande Male French Form of ARMAND. Of the Army
Assim Male Persian Great one.
Alannah Female Irish Beautiful. Dear child.
Aukai Male Hawaiian Sailor.
Achim Female Biblical Preparing, revenging, confirming. Non-Gerderized Biblical Name
Anwen Female Welsh Very beautiful'.
Audri Female English Nobility; strength.
Atu Male African Ghanian name given to a boy born on Saturday.
Arwin Male English The people's friend.
Anni Female German Variant of Hebrew Hannah meaning favor. Grace.
Alekanekelo Male Hawaiian Protector.
Alzbeta Female Czechoslovakian Czechoslovakian form of Elizabeth.
Akona Female Maori To enthuse.
Advent Male French Born during Advent.
Anstice Female Greek One who will be reborn.
Aegis Male Greek Variant of Aegeus: Zeus' shield, which was made of goatskin. Also the name of the second husband of Medea.
Ap Owen Male Celtic Son of Owen.
Atelic Male Anglo-Saxon Horrible.
Andeana Female Spanish Leaving.
Akilah Male Arabic intelligent, logical
Amund Male Norse Bridal gift.
Agurtzane Female Basque Refers to the Virgin Mary.
Amad Male Arabic Much praised. One of many names of the prophet Muhammad.
Askuwheteau Male NativeAmerican He keeps watch (Algonquin).
Abdul-Basit Male Arabic Variant of Abdul-Baasit: Servant of the Extender, Creator.
Amerigo Male Teutonic Hard working.
Adelheide Female German Sweet or noble.
Aevar Male Norse Son of Ketil.
'Aqueel Male Arabic Wise. Intellectual.
Amzi Male Biblical 'Strong, mighty'
Alpheus Male Biblical A thousand; learned; chief
Adithaim Male Biblical Assemblies; testimonies
Ace Male Latin unity, first-rate
Abdul-Azim Male Arabic Variant of Abdul-Azeem: Servant of the Mighty.
Anwyll Male Welsh Beloved.
Alarbus Male Shakespearean 'The Tragedy of Titus Andronicus' Son to Tamora.
Avarair Male Armenian From Avarair.
Antos Male Latin Diminutive of Anthony: Worthy of praise; of value. Saint Anthony is the patron sain of poor people. Famous Bearer: actor Anthony Hopkins.
Aazaad Male Arabic Variant of Azad: Independent. Free.
Ahane Male Irish From the little ford.
Aberto Male Italian Italian form of Albert noble.
Afdhal Male Arabic Variant of Afdhaal: Causing to excel. Excellent. Prominent. Beautify.
Avang Male Norse An Irishman.
Avenelle Male French Lives near the oatfield.
Adanna Female African Her father's daughter. (Nigerian).
Ala Male Arabic Superior.
Abdel Mufi Male Arabic Variant of Abdal Mufi: Servant of the donor.
Ansley Male English from the pasture land of the noble
Aneirin Male Welsh Uncertain origin, but may be derived from the Latin Honorius meaning man of honour, or from the Welsh eur meaning gold.
Abdalrahman Male Arabic Servant of the merciful one.
Ammi-nadab Male Biblical My people are liberal.
Asclepius Male Latin God of medicine.

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