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Abdul Kareem Male Arabic Variant of Abdul Karim: One who serves a generous man.
Avaron Female ArthurianLegend Arthur's burial place.
Anem Female Biblical An answer, their affliction. Non-Gerderized Biblical Name
Amalie Female French Hard working. Industrious. Striving.
Ardelia Female Latin zealous
Apala Female Indian Woman cursed with a skin disorder.
Almo Male English Noble or famous.
Azmaveth Male Biblical Strong death; a he-goat
Altamish Male Arabic Vanguard. Commander.
Adrianna Female French From Adria, the Adriatic sea region. Also means dark.
Anarosa Female Spanish Grace. favor. Variant of Anna.
Anneliese Female German Derived from a compound of Anna (grace) and Liesa, which is a German diminutive of Elizabeth (God is bountiful).
Atyhtan Male Anglo-Saxon Entice.
Abdul-Mujib Male Arabic Variant of Abdul-Mujeeb: Servant of the Responder.
Avenill Male French Variant of Avenall: Pasture of oats.
Aleen Female Celtic Fair, good-looking. Feminine of Allen or variant of Helen.
Alonza Female Italian Ready for battle.
Abdul-Rasheed Male Arabic Servant of the Rightly Guided.
Abel-meholah Female Biblical Mourning of sickness. Non-Gerderized Biblical Name
Asolf Male Norse A kinsman of Jorund.
Airell Male Celtic Nobleman.
Akhilendra Male Hindi Lord of the universe.
Aghaderg Male Irish From the red ford.
Amraphel Male Biblical One that speaks of secrets
Abdal Fattah Male Arabic Servant of the one who gives nourishment.
Anieli Male Greek manly
Avina Female Latin From the oat field.
Ayashe Female NativeAmerican Little one (Chippewa).
Alewina Male Hawaiian Elves' friend.
Ayrwode Male English From the fir forest.
Azarael Male Hebrew God helps.
Agostino Male Latin Variant of August: Deserving of respect.
Audric Male French old and wise rule
Abdul-Rahman Male Arabic Servant of the Mercifully Gracious.
Akeliela Male Hawaiian God's majesty.
Adrik Male Latin Of the Adriatic.
Aolani Female Hawaiian heavenly cloud
Amun Male Egyptian God of mystery.
Alzubra Female Arabic A star in the constellation Leo.
Adoni-bezek Male Biblical The lightning of the Lord; the Lord of lightning
Aloodra Female Arabic Variant of Aludra: Virgin.
Amialiona Female Teutonic Hard working.
Abdal Rahman Male Arabic Servant of the merciful.
Abdul Qahaar Male Arabic Servant of the Subduer. The Almighty.
Adhamhnan Male Irish Variant of Adamnan: Little Adam.
Ahlam Female Arabic Dreams. Utopia.
Allen Male Celtic Form of ALAN - noble
Amariah Male Biblical The Lord says; the integrity of the Lord
Alecta Female Greek Honesty.
Alfreda Female English Variant of Elfreda: Elf strength, good counselor. From the Old English name Aelfthryth. Also a feminine form of Alfred, meaning sage, or wise, from the Old English Aelfraed, meaning elf counsel. Also from Ealdfrith or Alfrid, meaning old peace.
Arpana Female Hindi Dedicated.
Aindrea Female English Feminine form of Andrew: Brave; Manly. Famous Bearer: Prince Andrew.
Aurigo Male Latin Wagoner.
Ahelie Female Hebrew Breath.
Arwa Female Arabic Female mountain goat.
Archambault Male French Bold.
Agnella Female Greek Pure.
Adair Male Celtic oak-tree ford
Ardin Male Latin Fervent.
Audwin Male German Noble friend.
Amberlynn Female Arabic A jewel-quality fossilized resin; as a color the name refers to a warm honey shade.
Acastus Male Greek An Argonaut.
Antti Male Finnish Finnish form of Andrew.
'Alam Male Arabic Variant of Aalam: World. Universe.
Addergoole Male Irish From between two fords.
Azalea Female Latin dry earth
Aisha Female Arabic Lively. Woman. Life. Aisha was the name of the favorite wife of the prophet Mohammed.
Ahira Male Biblical Brother of iniquity; brother of the shepherd
Amalea Female Italian Hard working.
Anastasios Male Greek Resurrected.
Apollonius Male Biblical Destroying
Arwyn Male English The people's friend.
Abdul-Jaleel Male Arabic Servant of the Great. Revered.
Aethelflaed Female Anglo-Saxon Sister of King Edward.
Abdal Kadir Male Arabic Variant of Abdal Qadir: Servant of the capable.
Aven Male Biblical Iniquity; force; riches; sorrow
Abril Female Spanish The month April; symbolizes spring.
Ariele Female French Lion of God.
Ailidh Female Celtic Kind.
Aled Male Welsh Offspring.
Antipas Male Biblical For all, or against all.
Azel Male Hebrew Variant of Atzel: Noble.
Atlanta Female Greek A huntress.
Alisander Male Greek Variant of Alexander: Defender; protector of mankind. Famous Bearer: Alexander the Great.
Abdallah Male Arabic Servants of Allah.
Armilde Female Teutonic Armored battle maiden.
Allon Male Biblical An oak; strong
Alroy Male Gaelic Red haired.
Ameen Male Arabic Faithful. Trustworthy.
Antor Male ArthurianLegend Foster father of Arthur.
Alison Female German noble, kind
Arundel Male English From the eagle's dell.
Amasa Male Biblical Sparing the people.
Anshil Male Hebrew Variant of Asher: Happy. In the old Testament, Asher was one of Jacob's sons.
Artek Male Celtic Variant of Arthur: Bear; rock.
Alberte Female Teutonic Feminine form of Albert: intelligent or noble.
Ardel Female English Eager. Industrious.
Ashbel Male Biblical An old fire.
Ayeisha Female Arabic Woman. Life. Aisha was the name of the favorite wife of the prophet Mohammed.
Aqui!ina Female Latin Eaglelike.

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