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Ardmore Male Latin Ardent.
Athdara Male Gaelic From the oak tree ford.
Aiken Male English sturdy, oaken
Alaa Male Arabic Nobility. Excellence.
Aubry Female English Rules with elf-wisdom.
Agha Male Arabic Master. Owner.
Akiva Male Hebrew protect
Acrisioniades Male Latin Descendant of Acrisius.
Athanasia Female Greek Immortal.
Apsel Male German Father of peace.
Abdul Jaleel Male Arabic Servant of the Great. Revered.
Anarawd Male Welsh Legendary father of Iddig.
Abdul-Samad Male Arabic Servant of the Eternal.
Amadahy Female NativeAmerican Forest water (Cherokee).
Adella Female Spanish Of the nobility. Noble.
Akilesh Male Hindi King of all.
Anseim Male English Introduced from Germany by 11th century St Anselm, who became Archbishop of Canterbury.
Abitub Male Biblical Father of goodness
Azanyahu Male Hebrew Variant of Azaniah: God is listening; God listens.
Ambre Female French Jewel.
Atty Male Celtic Strong as a bear.
Atyaananda Male Hindi Full of joy.
Aurelio Male Hawaiian Variant of Aulelio: Golden.
Athol Male Scottish From a surname based on the Scottish place name Atholl, used occasionally as a first name since the late 19th century.
Aniketos Male Greek Never conquered.
Atum Male Egyptian Whole.
Abderus Male Greek A friend of Hercules.
Antonie Female Not available or unknown Fem. form of ANTHONY - priceless
Andreus Male Greek son of river Peneius
Aethelreda Female English Noble maiden.
AyIsworth Male Teutonic Of awe inspiring worth.
Auj Male Arabic Zenith. Climax.
Adelisa Female French Of the nobility. Noble.
Alayne Female Gaelic Bright.
Addney Male English Lives on the noble's island.
Abdal Lafif Male Arabic Servant of the kind one.
Abia Female Arabic Great.
Audfis Female Teutonic Rich.
Ashan Female Biblical Smoke. Non-Gerderized Biblical Name
Ataa Male Arabic Gift. Favor.
Augy Male Latin Diminutive of August: Deserving of respect.
Aldonsa Female Spanish Nice.
Azad Male Arabic Independent. Free.
Annalise Female Latin Graced with God's bounty.
Athracht Female Irish Name of a saint.
Aubina Female French Blond.
Adrianne Female French From Adria, the Adriatic sea region. Also means dark.
Arland Male Hebrew Pledge.
Adne Male German Eagle.
Alberta Female English Form of ALBERT - Noble, Bright
Aswyn Male English Variant of Aswin: Friend with a spear.
Aimie Female Latin Form of AMY. beloved
Alanzo Male Italian Form of Alphonse: see Alfonso.
Anees Male Arabic Companion. Genial. Close friend.
Aukukeko Male Hawaiian Variant of Aukake: Wise.
Annikka Female Hebrew Grace.
Auda Female French Old or wealthy.
Anakletos Male Greek Calling forth.
Aidoios Female Greek Honored.
Albern Male English Noble warrior.
Aimil Female Gaelic Gaelic form of Amelia.
Aiglentine Female French Sweetbrier rose.
Abdul-Baasit Male Arabic Servant of the Extender, Creator.
Abdul-Haleem Male Arabic Variant of Abdul-Halim: Servant of the Mild. Patient.
Abiah Male Hebrew Variant of Aviah: My father is Lord.
'Aquil Male Arabic Variant of 'Aqueel: Wise. Intellectual.
Arnold Male German eagle power
Adrastus Male Greek One of the attackers in 'The Seven Against Thebes'.
Anbidian Male Anglo-Saxon Patient.
Adain Female Welsh Winged.
Avichayil Female Hebrew Gives joy.
Angrboda Female Norse A giant.
Asbjorn Male Scandinavian Variant of Esbjorn: Divine bear.
Adaline Female Teutonic Noble.
Adamu Male Hawaiian Variant of Akamu: Red earth.
Alexis Male Greek Form of ALEXANDER - helper and defender of mankind
Ariela Female Hebrew Lioness of God.
Adkins Male English Son of Aiken.
Aadeel Male Arabic Variant of Aadil: Just.
Angor Male Welsh Anchor.
Anastacia Female Greek Resurrection.
Annissa Female Not available or unknown Form of ANNA. Gracious
Akram Male Arabic Generous.
Aloys Male Teutonic Famous in war.
Ambrotosa Female Greek Immortal.
Assos Female Biblical Approaching, coming near. Non-Gerderized Biblical Name
Avital Male Hebrew Father of dew.
Abeque Female NativeAmerican Stays at home (Chippewa).
Albinus Male Anglo-Saxon Name of an abbot.
Academicus Male Latin Name of a philosopher.
Antiope Female Greek Daughter of Asopus.
Astraeus Male Greek Starry one.
Asima Female Arabic Defender.
Arthes Female Welsh She bear.
Aodhan Male Celtic Fire.
Adrion Male English From Adria.: (Adriatic sea region.).
Anynnawg Male Welsh Legendary son of Menw.
Abdul Wahid Male Arabic Variant of Abdul Waahid: Servant of the One.
Athaliah Female Biblical The time of the Lord.
Ahiah Male Biblical Brother of the Lord

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