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Alise Female Spanish Noble. Of the nobility.
Ariel Female Hebrew lioness of god
Alonna Female Irish Beautiful. Dear child.
Adullam Female Biblical Their testimony, their prey, their ornament. Non-Gerderized Biblical Name
Aristotle Male Greek Superior; best of thinkers. Famous Bearers: ancient Greek philosopher Aristotle, and Greek shipping tycoon Aristotle Onassis.
Aegelweard Male English Noble protector.
Adelphie Female Greek Dear sister.
Aleece Female Spanish Noble. Of the nobility.
Audhilda Female Norse Rich warrior woman.
Augustyn Male Polish Polish form of Augustus 'majestic'.
Apilama Male Hawaiian Variant of Apelama: He who has many children.
Abdul Haafiz Male Arabic Servant of the Protector.
Aemilius Male Latin Roman family clan name.
Abdul-Salaam Male Arabic Servant of the Peace.
Afkica Female Gaelic Pleasant.
Annalina Female Swedish Graceful light.
Annikki Female Finnish Bitter.
Aviner Male Hebrew Variant of Abner: Father of light.
Adlai Male Hebrew refuge of god
Angelisa Female Greek Messenger.
Anawrete Female Latin Unfeeling woman who caused her lover to hang himself.
Auctor Male ArthurianLegend Foster father of Arthur.
Absolon Male French The father is peace, or father of peace. Form of Hebrew Absolom who was son of Old Testament King David. Became popular in the 12th century.
Alex Male Greek Form of ALEXANDER - helper and defender of mankind
Amdt Male German Power of an eagle.
Azhara Female Arabic Flower.
Auberon Male English Variant of Aubrey: Rules with elf-wisdom. Introduced into Britain from France by Aubrey de Vere, a friend of William the Conquerer. De Vere's grandson became the Earl of Oxford.
Aliceson Male English Son of All.
Antfortas Male ArthurianLegend Keeper of the grail.
Avianna Female English Modern blend of Ava and Ana.
Aiolos Male Greek Change.
Albertyne Female English Noble.
Asyncritus Female Biblical Incomparable.
Aeolus Male Greek Changeable; god of the winds.
Adhelle Female Teutonic Lovely or happy.
Astred Female Norse Divine strength.
Alphonsus Male German Variant of Alphonso: From Old German Adalfuns meaning noble-ready. Common in Spain since the 7th century. Famous bearer: Gangster Al Capone's name was Alphonse.
Aadam Male Arabic Variant of Adam: The Biblical Adam is the English language equivalent.
Avith Male Biblical Wicked; perverse
Abdul Male Arabic Servant of God.
Aegeus Male Greek Zeus' shield, which was made of goatskin. Also the name of the second husband of Medea.
Andnej Male Polish Polish form of Andrew 'manly'.
Aiah Male Biblical Vulture, raven, an isle, alas, where is it?.
Antonina Female English Feminine form of Anthony: Highly praiseworthy. From a Roman clan name. In the 17th century, the spelling Anthony was associated with the Greek anthos meaning flower.
Athalia Female Hebrew the lord is mighty
Achillides Male Latin Descendant of Achilles.
Appolina Female Greek Variant of Apollonia: Of Apollo. St Apollonia was a 3rd-century martyr who had her own teeth knocked out, frequently invoked against toothache.
Ataroth Male Biblical Crowns
Agotha Female Greek Good.
Avalloc Male ArthurianLegend Father of Modron.
Aleyn Male ArthurianLegend A Fisher king.
Amphitryon Male Greek Husband of Alcmene.
Agathi Female Greek Good.
Audolf Male Norse Wolfs friend.
Aurkene Female Spanish Present.
Andrik Male Slavic Manly; brave. Variant of English Andrew.
Asgard Male Norse Mythical city of the gods.
Angelette Female French Little angel.
Amotz Male Hebrew Variant of Amos: Strong; carried; brave. Amos was an 8th century B.C. Old Testament prophet.
Arte Male Celtic Diminutive of Arthur: Bear; rock.
Abdul Qadir Male Arabic One who serves a capable man.
Afif Male Arabic Chaste. Modest.
Atufa Female Arabic Kind. Merciful.
Ambrocio Male Greek Immortal.
Amasia Male Hebrew Variant of Amasa: Hardship; burden.
Alexandro Male Greek Variant of Alexander: Defender; protector of mankind. Famous Bearer: Alexander the Great.
Abdal Salam Male Arabic Servant of peace.
Adnot Male Hebrew Son of Adam: Man of the red earth.
Aditsan Male NativeAmerican Listener (Navajo).
Angel Male Greek Angelic
Aron Male Hebrew enlightened
Averell Male English Wild boar.
Arlee Male Hebrew Variant of Arles: Promise.
Anacreon Male Latin Name of an ancient poet.
Asucena Female Arabic Lily.
Abdul-Shakur Male Arabic Variant of Abdul-Shakoor: Servant of the Most Thankful.
Alvinia Female Latin White.
Aponivi Male NativeAmerican Where the wind blows down the gap (Hopi).
Adali Female German Noble.
Azuria Male Hebrew Variant of Azrael: God's help.
Anpu Male Egyptian God of the dead.
Archenhaud Male French Bold.
Aziza Female Swahili precious
Ahmad Male Arabic Much praised. One of many names of the prophet Muhammad.
Arial Female Hebrew Feminine form of Ariel: Sprite; lion of God. A biblical alternate name for Jerusalem. Name of a prankish spirit in Shakespeare's The Tempest.
Adesola Male African Nigerian name meaning 'the crown honoured us'.
Abdal Malik Male Arabic Servant of the king.
'Afra' Female Arabic Variant of Afra': White.
Amasiah Male Hebrew Variant of Amasa: Hardship; burden.
Ailey Female Irish Light.
Abdal Aziz Male Arabic Servant of the Mighty One.
Aylmer Male English Infamous. From the Old English Aethelmaer meaning noble and famous. Used as a first name during the Middle Ages, Aylmer later became more popular as a surname.
Amarissa Female Hebrew Given by God.
Amaia Female Basque End.
Adoniyah Male Hebrew Variant of Adoniah: The Lord is my God.
Ailat Female Hebrew Behind.
Abe Male Hebrew Diminutive of Abraham: Father of a multitude. In Genesis the Old Testament patriarch Abram's name was changed to Abraham when it was revealed he would be father of the Hebrew nation. Further popularized by 19th century US president Abraham Lincoln.
Azura Female English clear blue sky
Arcene Female French Silvery.
Ambrosia Female Greek Food of the gods.

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