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Brittany Female Latin from England
Burnaby Male Norse Warrior's estate.
Beshiltheeni Male NativeAmerican Navajo name meaning metalworker.
Bilgah Female Biblical Ancient countenance.
Burgundy Male Shakespearean 'King Henry V' and 'Henry VI, Part 1' and 'Tragedy of King Lear' Duke of Burgundy.
Bartholemew Male Not available or unknown Hill, Furrow
Barrin Male Teutonic Noble fighter.
Blyana Female Irish Strong.
Beatha Female Celtic Life.
Bahar Female Arabic Spring.
Bassanio Male Shakespearean 'The Merchant of Venice' Friend to Antonia, who borrows from Antonio to pursue his successful suit for Portia.
Bakhtiaar Male Arabic Variant of Bakhtiar: Lucky. Fortunate.
Bramm Male Gaelic Variant of Bram: Raven.
Benhadad Male Biblical Son of Hadad; or noise
Baldwyn Male German Bold friend.
Bezaleel Male Biblical In the shadow of God.
Beth-el Female Biblical The house of God. Non-Gerderized Biblical Name
Buffy Female Not available or unknown Form of BUNNY. Little Rabbit
BaIbina Female Latin Strong.
Bing Male German Form of BINGHAM. Crib
Bakr Male Arabic Camel.
Beinvenido Male Spanish Welcome.
Bersh Male English one year
BwIch Male Welsh Legendary son of Cleddyv Kyvwkh.
Baasha Male Biblical He that seeks or lays waste
Bernadea Female French Feminine of Bernard, meaning strong as a bear, or bear hard.
Brittain Male English Brit. A native of Brittany: (France) or Britain: (England).
Bannan Male German Commander.
Bastien Male Greek Revered.
Bryceton Male Scottish Variant of Bryce.
Benoic Male Anglo-Saxon From Ban.
Bardrick Male English Ax ruler.
Bitten Male German Desire.
Beorht Male English Glorious.
Bellissa Female Italian Fair; lovely one.
Bertrade Female English Bright counselor.
Bette Female Hebrew Form of ELIZABETH. god's oath
Bryngerd Female Norse Mother of Tongue-Stein.
Baalah Female Biblical Her idol; she that is governed or subdued; a spouse
Baalis Male Biblical A rejoicing; a proud lord
Bernardine Female German Feminine form of Bernard: From an Old German compound meaning bear-hard, or brave as a bear.
Bogusz Male Polish Variant of Boguchwal: God's glory.
Bakhtaawar Male Arabic Variant of Bakhtawar: Fortunate. Lucky.
Bardene Male English From the boar valley.
Briannah Female Celtic Strong. She ascends. Feminine of Brian.
Bowdoin Male French Variant of Boden: He who delivers the news.
Brand Male Scandinavian sword blade
Brendt Male Celtic Hilltop. Variant of Brent.
Benedictson Male Hebrew Son of Benedict.
Brazil Male Irish brave, strong in conflict
Bhakati Male Hindi Devotion.
Broga Male Anglo-Saxon Terror.
Bhaskar Male Hindi Sun.
Boyet Male Shakespearean 'Love's Labours Lost' Lord attending on the Princess of France.
Bratumil Male Polish Brotherly love.
Bu'ras Male Arabic Variant of Butras: The Biblical name Peter is the English language equivalent.
Bhaga Male Indian Uncertain whether god of love or luck.
Brannon Male Irish Variant of Brandon.
Bebeodan Male Anglo-Saxon Commands.
Berwyn Male English Variant of Berwin: Harvest-time friend.
Bettina Female Greek Variant of Elizabeth: From the Hebrew Elisheba, meaning either oath of God, or God is satisfaction. Famous bearer: Old Testament Elizabeth was mother of John the Baptist and one of the earliest known bearers of this name; Queen Elizabeth II.
Bradan Male English From the broad valley.
Brandeis Male German dweller on a burned clearing
Brecc Male Anglo-Saxon Name of a king.
Beata Female Latin Happy
Bizjothjah Female Biblical Despite. Non-Gerderized Biblical Name
Bari Male Arabic Of Allah.
Blaise Male Latin one who stammers
Bigthan Female Biblical In the press, giving meat.
Brites Female Celtic strength
Bashemath Female Biblical Perfumed; confusion of death; in desolation
Beineon Male Irish Variant of Beanon: Good.
Burn Male English From the brook.
Bahjat Male Arabic Happiness.
Berthold Male German brilliant ruler
Beth-horon Female Biblical House of wrath. Non-Gerderized Biblical Name
Bashshar Male Arabic Brings good news.
Benecia Female Latin Blessed one.
Benedicto Male Spanish Blessed.
Bocley Male English Lives at the buck meadow.
Basile Male English Variant of Basil: Royal; kingly.
Broden Male Scottish Reference to Castle Brodie in Scotland.
Bekah Female Biblical Half a shekel. Non-Gerderized Biblical Name
Barbara Female Greek foreign, strange
Brigitta Female Celtic Strong.
Bailefour Male Gaelic From the pasture land.
Borghilda Female Norse Wife of Sigmund.
Bjomolf Male Norse Bear wolf.
Biddy Female Irish Diminutive of Brigid: A variant of Bridget, meaning the high one or strength. Famous bearer: 6th century Irish abbess Brigid )known as St Bridget or St Bride) founded Ireland's first women's religious community.
Braddock Male English Broad-spreading oak.
Braemwiella Male English From the bramble bush spring.
Brandin Male English 'Beacon on the hill' or 'gorse-covered hill.'.
Bembe Male Spanish Spanish form of Barnaby prophet.
Banbhan Male Irish Piglet.
Brodrick Male Scandinavian Brother.
Bonie Female English Good.
Bradd Male English Broad; wide.
Bryan Male Celtic Form of BRIAN. the strong
Biadhaiche Male Gaelic Blesses.
Brady Male English broad island

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