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Corran Male Irish Spear-bearer.
Charlotte Female French petite and feminine
Creag Male Gaelic Dwells at the Crag.
Correy Male English Variant of Corey 'Hill hollow.'.
Cosam Female Biblical Divining.
CIywd Male Welsh Loud voiced.
Ceileachan Male Gaelic Little champion.
Cosme Male Greek Variant of Cosmo: From 'kosmos' meaning order.
Clayton Male English from the clay town
Camillei Female French Free-born; noble. Variant of Camilla.
Christofer Male English Variant of Christopher: He who holds Christ in his heart. Famous Bearers: actors Christopher Plummer and Christopher Walken; explorer Christopher Columbus.
Carolyne Female English Feminine variant of Charles: manly.
Cailin Female Gaelic Girl; lass.
Chemarims Female Biblical Black ones. Non-Gerderized Biblical Name
Corin Female Greek A Maiden
Calli Female English Lark.
Chaba Female Hebrew Life.
Chrystie Female Greek Anointed one; a Christian.
Cathryn Female Anglo-Saxon Innocent.
Colfre Male English Dove.
Callee Female Gaelic Variant of Cayley meaning from the forest.
Cody Male English a cushion
Corisa Female English Variant of Cory meaning variously: From the round hill; seething pool; or ravine.
Clustfeinad Male Celtic Mythical father of Clust.
Christiansen Male Danish Son of the Christian.
Callan Female Gaelic Powerful in battle.
Cherise Female Greek grace
Cyrano Male Greek from Cyrene
Canice Male Irish Good-looking; handsome.
Candie Female Not available or unknown Form of CANDACE. glowing
Cahir Male Irish Warrior.
Courtland Male English dweller in court
Charlotta Female French Feminine of Charles meaning manly.
Chipo Female African gift
Carl Male German man
Coretta Female English Variant of Cory meaning variously: From the round hill; seething pool; or ravine.
Cortland Male English Courtier; court attendant.
Claribelle Female Latin Shining.
Christian Male English follower of Christ
Colson Male English Triumphant people; people's victory.
Corbmac Male Irish Charioteer.
Collier Male English Charcoal merchant. Coal miner.
Corby Male English Raven-haired.
Chaniel Male Hebrew God's grace.
Chuioke Male African Nigerian name meaning 'talented'.
Cris Male English Diminutive of Christopher: He who holds Christ in his heart. Diminutive of Christian: Follower of Christ.
Clach Male Scottish Stone.
Cornell Male Latin Form of CORNELIUS. Horn-Colored
Chyse Female Latin Daughter of Pallas.
Celestina Female French Variant of Celeste : This French name is based on the Latin 'caelestis' meaning 'heavenly'. Used as both a masculine and feminine name in France.
Connie Female Latin Form of CONSTANCE. To Be Knowledgeable
Carrado Male ArthurianLegend A knight.
Colmcille Male Irish Dove of the church.
Chin-Hwa Male Korean The most wealthy.
Cus Male ArthurianLegend Name of a king.
Chimera Male Greek The monster killed by Bellerophon.
Coleen Female Gaelic Girl.
Chakra Male Indian Symbol of the sun.
Cecilee Female Latin Blind. Famous bearer: The blind St. Cecilie, patron saint of music, was a talented musician.
Cresswell Male English Watercress river.
Cormac Male Celtic Charioteer.
Corliss Male English cheerful and generous
Christahel Female Latin Beautiful Christian, from 'Christus' meaning Christ and 'bella' meaning beautiful. Famous bearers: S. T. Coleridge's poem Christabel; British suffragette Christabel Pankhurst.
Calvex Male English Shepherd.
Charly Female English Modern form of Charles: manly.
Cantara Female Arabic small bridge
Casnar Male Welsh Legendary nobleman.
Celia Female Latin Form of CECILIA. blind
Ceolbeorht Male English Seaman.
Cyneleah Male English Lives in the royal meadow.
Cuddy Male Scottish This diminutive of Cuthbert may have given rise to the Scottish dialect word 'cuddy', meaning donkey.
Cornelius Male Latin Horn-Colored
Crichton Male English From the town by the creek.
Cyprienne Female Latin From Cyprus.
Chesed Male Biblical As a devil or a destroyer.
Calum Male Celtic Dove.
Capucine Female French Cape.
Ctibor Male Czech An honourable fight.
Cadwy Male Welsh Legendary son of Gereint.
Carel Male French Strong.
Cycnus Male Greek Swan.
Creola Female Not available or unknown Native to the Land, Creole
Caralea Female Latin Beloved.
Conner Male Irish Hound lover. Variant of Connor: Full of desire; much desire.
Coulter Male English Variant of Colt: young horse;frisky.
Crescent Female French one who creates
Clamedeus Male ArthurianLegend Name of a king.
Chaucer Male Latin Chancellor.
Cormack Male Gaelic Charioteer.
Ctislav Male Czech Variant of Ceslav: Glorious honour.
Chasen Male English Huntsman.
Chamberlain Male Shakespearean 'King Henry the Eighth' Lord Chamberlain. Chancellor
Conception Female Latin Understanding.
Chibale Male Egyptian Kinsman.
Celena Female Greek Goddess of the moon.
Carsyn Male Not available or unknown Form of CARSON - son of Carr
Chenelle Female French Canal; channel. The popular perfume Chanel.
Cari Female Latin Beloved.
Chelinde Female ArthurianLegend Tristan's grandmother.
Curan Male Shakespearean 'Tragedy of King Lear' A courtier.

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