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Danveer Male Hindi Benevolent.
Dewey Male Welsh Form of DAVID. beloved
Deoradhain Male Irish Exile.
Dee Female Welsh dark
Debi Female Not available or unknown Form of DEBORAH. a bee
Donogb Male Celtic Strong fighter.
Devries Male Dutch Frisian.
Dogberry Male Shakespearean 'Much Ado About Nothing' A Constable.
Dorrie Female English A diminutive of any feminine name beginning with Dor-.
Diarmuid Male Irish Free from envy.
Deuteronomy Female Biblical Repetition of the law. Non-Gerderized Biblical Name
Durko Male Czech Farmer.
Dorryen Male Greek Variant of Dorian: Place name in Greece.
Dasco Male Hebrew Diminutive of Daniel: God is my judge.
Darrius Male Not available or unknown He who Upholds the Good
Dior Female French Golden
Denissa Female French Feminine of Denis from the Greek name Dionysus. .
Demason Male English Judge's son.
Dallas Male Celtic Wise
Dorisa Female Greek Variant of Doris meaning gift. Famous bearer: In Greek mythology, Doris was the daughter of Oceanus and mother of the sea-nymph Nereids.
Dodanim Female Biblical Beloved.
Dalal Male Hindi Vendor; salesman.
Davida Female Hebrew Form of DAVID. beloved
Danell Male Hebrew Variant of Daniel 'God is my judge.'.
Domiduca Female Latin Juno's surname.
Damia Female French Untamed.
Dillion Male Celtic Faithful.
Durand Male Latin enduring
Dickie Male English A diminutive of Richard which originated as a rhyming variant of Rick.
Dibri Male Biblical An orator.
Dorran Male Celtic Stranger.
Demophon Male Greek Son of Theseus.
Dalton Male English valley farm
Downett Female Irish Bard.
Dewayne Male Irish Dark.
Dervilia Female Irish True desire.
Den Male Norse From Denmark.
Derforgal Female Irish Servant of Dervor.
Daylin Male English Rhyming variant of Waylon - a historical blacksmith with supernatural powers.
Deshan Male Hindi Variant of Deshad: Nation.
Danele Female Basque Feminine form of Danel.
Dorelia Female Greek Gift.
Dubg Male Irish Black haired.
Dustine Female German Form of DUSTIN. valiant fighter
Devry Male English Derived from place-name Deverel.
Doughlas Male Celtic Dwells by the dark stream.
Dale Male Scandinavian valley
Dryope Female Greek A nymph.
Dong-sun Male Korean Eastern integrity.
Dawoud Male Arabic Variant of Daud: The Biblical David is the English language equivalent. A Prophet's name.
Dariel Male English Variant of Darrel 'open.'.
Devi Female Hindu resides in heaven
Deasmumhan Male Gaelic Man from south Munster.
Dax Male English Water.
Delmon Male English Of the mountain.
Darleen Female English Darling. From the Old English 'dearling'.
Delmare Female French Of the sea.
Dyre Female Not available or unknown Dear Heart
Dawnette Female English The first appearance of daylight; daybreak.
Dyvynarth Male Welsh Legendary son of Gwrgwst.
Donzel Male Italian Abbreviation of Donatello 'gift from God.'.
Dedanim Female Biblical The descendants of Dedan.
Danylynn Female English Variant of Daryl: Dearly loved.
Daxton Male English Reference to the French town Dax.
Dacey Male Celtic Southerner
Deasach Male Gaelic Southerner.
Drygedene Male English From the dry valley.
Dhaamin Male Arabic Responsible. Guarantor.
Dnias Male ArthurianLegend A murderer.
Delphia Female Greek From Delphi.
Darcie Female French Dark. .
Dibon-gad Female Biblical Great understanding, abundance of sons. Non-Gerderized Biblical Name
Derek Male German ruler
Dowle Male Irish Dark stranger.
Dymphna Female Celtic suitable one, virgin saint
Dareh Male Persian Rich.
Dalan Male Irish Variant of Dallin 'blind.'.
Dahnya Female Italian Lady. From the respectful title Donna.
Devamatar Female Indian Mother of the gods.
Duysek Male Czech Variant of Dusan: Spirit.
Digby Male English Farm by a ditch. From an English surname and place name.
Dalmanutha Female Biblical A bucket, a branch. Non-Gerderized Biblical Name
Davion Male English Variant of David 'beloved.'.
Dardanius Male Shakespearean 'Cymbeline' Caius Lucius, General of the Roman Forces. 'The Tragedy of Julius Caesar' A servant to Brutus.
Deen Male Hebrew God will judge.
Duhr Female Arabic Forenoon.
Devisser Male Dutch Fisherman.
Dimitri Male Greek from demeter, goddess of the harvest
Dulcine Female Latin Sweet; sweetness.
Destiny Female Latin One's Fate
Dow Male Irish Dark-haired.
Delany Male Irish Variant of Delaney: Competitor's child; from the river Slaney.
Doralie Female Greek Gift.
Devraj Male Hindi Ruler of the gods.
Dunn Male English Brown
Deliza Female English Variant of Latin Delicia: Gives pleasure.
Dimitra Female Russian From Demeter.
Draco Male Latin Dragon.
Dieu Hien Male Vietnamese Amaryllis (flower).
Deepak Male Hindi Variant of Dipak: Lamp.

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