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Fitzhugh Male English Son of Hugh.
Fiacra Male Celtic Eagle.
Fridolf Male English Peaceful wolf.
Finna Female Not available or unknown Fair
Faba Male Latin Variant of Fabian: Bean farmer. Famous Bearer: 50's singer Fabian (Forte).
Fatina Female Arabic Captivating.
Flute Male Shakespearean 'A Midsummer Night's Dream' Flute, a bellows-mender, acts as Thisby in the play within the play.
Fidessa Female Latin Faithful.
Farica Female German Chief of Peace
Farlan Male Scottish Son of the furrows.
Fedor Male Greek Divine gift.
Faaghira Female Arabic Variant of Faghira: Jasmine flower.
Fugol Male Anglo-Saxon Bird.
Fuscienne Female Latin black
Fabius Male Latin Variant of Fabian: Bean farmer.
Fanceen Female English Pet name meaning free; variant of Frances.
Fadeaushka Male Russian Variant of Fadey: Bold; brave.
Faran Male Anglo-Saxon Advances.
Fineena Female Irish Beautiful child.
Fairoze Male Arabic Turquoise. Precious stone.
Franzen Male German Variant of Franz: Frenchman.
Feodras Male Greek Stone.
Fionan Male Irish Variant of Finan: Blonde child.
Forbia Female Scottish Headstrong.
Fearnleah Male English From the fern meadow.
Fayyaadh Male Arabic Variant of Fayyadh: Generous. Liberal See Muslim Names in Help file for usage guidelines .
Frimunt Male German Noble protector.
Fiorenza Female Italian flower
Fadl Male Arabic Gracious.
Fiammetta Female Italian A flickering fire.
Fechin Male Irish Variant of Fehin: Little raven.
Fredrick Male German From the Old German name Frithuric, meaning peaceful ruler.
Fiachra Male Irish Saint.
Fogarty Male Irish Exiled.
Franny Female Latin From France or 'free one.' Feminine of Francis. Diminutive of Frances.
Fokle Male Teutonic People's guard.
Faraz Male Arabic Elevation.
Feldtun Male English From the field estate.
Felamaere Male English Famous.
Fairfax Male English Fair Haired
Fortino Male Latin Strong; fortunate.
Faruq Male Arabic Wise.
Faron Male English English surname.
Fern Female English A Fern Plant
Fayth Female English Faithful.
Flannagain Male Irish Ruddy.
Faviola Female Latin Feminine variant of Fabian from the Roman family name Fabius.
Farryn Female English Adventurous.
Fontaine Male French Fountain; water source.
Feran Male Anglo-Saxon Advances.
Fran Male Latin Form of FRANCES. from France
Francoise Female French Feminine of Francis meaning 'From France' or 'free one'.
Fawz Male Arabic Accomplishes.
Findabair Female Celtic Mythical daughter of Medb.
France Female English Modern variants of Frances meaning From France or free one.
Fyrsil Male Welsh Welsh form of Virgil 'bears the staff'.
Feardorcha Male Irish Variant of Fardoragh: Dark-skinned man.
Fang Male Chinese Wind.
Finnegan Male Irish Fair.
Flavio Male Italian Blond.
Fakhr Aldin Male Arabic Glorious religion.
Felicitas Female Spanish Happy. Feminine of Felix.
Fahim Male Hindi Smart; intelligent.
Freyne Male English Foreigner.
Faarees Male Arabic Variant of Faris: Horseman. Knight.
Faith Female Latin trust, faith
Federico Male Italian Italian form of Frederick 'peaceful ruler'.
Fonzell Male German Abbreviation of Alfonso.
Fifne Female Hebrew He shall add.
Fortunata Female Latin Fortunate.
Fainga Male Polynesian To confront.
Faddei Male Russian Variant of Fadey: Bold; brave.
Finley Male English sunbeam
Fernande Female Teutonic Adventuresome.
Fitzgerald Male English Mighty spearholder's son.
Faysal Male Arabic Variant of Faisal: Stubborn.
Firdos Male Hindi Paradise.
Franziskus Male Teutonic Free.
Faegan Male English Joyful.
Frye Male Not available or unknown Seed, Offspring
Forester Male English Forest-ranger. Surname.
Fabienne Female Latin Bean Grower
Farnall Male English From the fern slope.
Faakhira Female Arabic Variant of Fakhira: Glorious. Magnificent.
Fitzwalter Male English Son of Walter.
Filippio Male Italian Italian form of Philip 'loves horses'.
Faerwald Male English Powerful traveler.
Freman Male French Free man; a man freed from bound servitude to an overlord. Surname.
Frey Male English Lord.
Faulconbridge Female Shakespearean 'King John' Lady Faulconbridge, widow of Sir Robert Faulconbridge.
Frederich Male German Variant of Frederick: Merciful leader.
Francis Male Latin (Male) A Free Man
Fardoragh Male Irish Dark-skinned man.
Friedegarde Female Teutonic Tranquil leader.
Fannia Female English Pet name meaning free; variant of Frances.
Fadilah Female Arabic Virtue.
Fabiyn Male Latin Bean farmer.
Friederike Female Teutonic Tranquil leader.
Falconner Male English Variant of Falkner: Falconer; one who trains falcons.
Faber Male English Derived from the Roman clan name Fabius; a name given several Roman emperors and 16 saints.

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