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Gib Male Scottish Diminutive of Gilbert: Derived from the name Gilbride, meaning 'servant of St. Bridget'.
Garwig Male English Spear fighter.
Gustel Female German Noble.
Gearald Male Gaelic Gaelic form of Gerald.
Gilbertine Female Scottish Feminine form of Gilbert: Derived from the name Gilbride, meaning 'servant of St. Bridget'.
Gilbert Male German Trusted
Galtero Male Spanish Spanish form of Walter 'strong warrior'.
Girard Male Teutonic Spear strength.
Graciana Female Spanish Grace.
Gilah Female Hebrew Eternal joy.
Godric Male Anglo-Saxon Rules with God.
Gomer Male Hebrew To Complete
Gervin Male Gaelic Rough.
Ginnungagap Female Norse The abyss that births all living things.
Graca Female Latin Grace.
Gajra Male Indian Garland of flowers.
Geremia Male Hebrew God is high.
Garbina Female Spanish Purification.
Goath Male Biblical His touching; his roaring
Guanhumora Female ArthurianLegend Arthur's queen.
Garnet Female English red gem
Guilie Female Latin Young.
Giollabuidhe Male Irish Blond.
Gard Male English Keeper of the garden. Surname.
Giancinta Female Greek Hyacinth.
Grazyna Female Hebrew Grace.
Garry Male German Form of GARRET. To Watch
Gerde Female German Protected.
Gyes Male Greek A Titan.
Georgeanne Female Latin Variant of Georgia.
Gryphon Male Welsh Fighting chief; fierce. The fierce Gryphon of Greek mythology and medieval legend was a creature with foreparts of an eagle and hindquarters of a lion.
Gabrian Male Hebrew God's able-bodied one. Variant of Gabriel.
Gottfrid Male Teutonic God's peace.
Goddard Male German Hard spear.
Garran Male Irish Guards; guardian.
Gregoly Male Greek Vigilant.
Garth Male Scandinavian A Field, Garden
Galan Male Anglo-Saxon Sings.
Gedalya Male Hebrew God has made great.
Gudny Female Swedish Unspoiled.
Godiva Female English God's gift
Gwallawg Male Welsh Legendary son of Llenawg.
Gabrielo Male Hebrew God is my strength.
Gizi Female Hungarian Pledge.
Galilahi Female NativeAmerican Attractive (Cherokee).
Gideoni Male Biblical He that bruises or breaks; a destroyer
Georgia Female Greek Fem. form of GEORGE - a farmer
Garson Male English Form of GARRISON. column of conquest
Georget Male Greek Farmer.
Gardener Male Teutonic Farmer.
Gwylim Male German Variant of William: Will-helmet. Famous Bearers: poet and playwright William Shakespeare (1564-1616) and William Wordsworth (1770-1850).
Gunnef Female Swedish Battle maid.
Gamble Male Scandinavian old
Gregoriana Female Greek Observant.
Gauthier Male French French form of Walter.
Gladwin Male English Happy friend.
Groffudd Male Welsh Strong warrior, lord.
Galtem Male Italian Italian form of Walter 'strong warrior'.
Gwenyver Female Celtic White lady.
Giza Female Hebrew Cut stone.
Goewin Female Welsh Legendary daughter of Pebin.
Gergor Male Greek Vigilant.
Ganet Female Hebrew Garden.
Gratia Female Latin Grace.
Galice Female Hebrew Fountain.
Gwenhwyvar Female Welsh White.
Gear Male Gaelic Short.
Gertrut Female German From the protected farm.
Gallia Female French From Gaul.
Garnock Male Welsh Dwells by the alder tree river.
Gilgal Female Biblical Wheel, rolling, heap. Non-Gerderized Biblical Name
Gaelan Male Gaelic Tranquil.
Gilmer Male English Famous hostage.
Galvarium Male ArthurianLegend A knight.
Gaspar Male Spanish master of treasure
Geraldina Female English Rules by the spear. Feminine of Gerald.
Geovani Male Italian Variant of John 'God has shown favor.' See also Jovan.
Gnegon Male Polish Polish form of Gregory 'wachful'.
Gracella Female Latin Favor; blessing. The three mythological graces were nature goddesses: Aglaia: (brilliance); Thalia: (flowering); and Euphrosyne: (joy).
Gabriella Female Hebrew Form of GABRIELLE. god is my strength
Geirbjorg Female Norse Sister of Bersi the Godless.
Galiena Female German Haughty.
Glynnes Female Gaelic From the glen. Valley.
Genius Male Latin A guardian spirit.
Gwanwyn Female Welsh Spring.
Grisandole Female ArthurianLegend A princess who dresses as a man.
Gryphin Male Welsh Strong in faith.
Griselda Female German Gray
Glenda Female Celtic Divine Goodness
Goran Male Greek Farmer.
Grioghar Male Irish Watchful.
Galiana Female German Haughty.
Griffeth Male Welsh Red haired.
Gervasio Male Spanish Warrior.
Gerard Male German spear-brave
Gita Female Hebrew Good
Gwyn Female Celtic Form of Gwyneth - fortunate, blessed
Glad Female English Happy.
Gilia Female Hebrew Eternal joy.
Gethsemane Female Biblical A very fat or plentiful vale. Non-Gerderized Biblical Name

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