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Hazargaddah Female Biblical Imprisoned band. Non-Gerderized Biblical Name
Hukkok Female Biblical Engraver, scribe, lawyer. Non-Gerderized Biblical Name
Helkai Male Biblical Part, portion.
Hiddai Male Biblical A praise, a cry.
Hanun Male Biblical Gracious, merciful.
Humfried Male Teutonic Peaceful Hun.
Hevovitastamiutsto Male NativeAmerican Whirlwind (Cheyenne).
Holic Male Czechoslovakian Barber.
Haroun Male Arabic Superior.
Harpocrates Male Latin Egyptian god of the sun.
Hobard Male German High or bright.
Hackett Male German little woodsman
Higgins Male Irish Intelligent.
Hermandine Female Greek Well born.
Hymie Male Hebrew Diminutive of Hyman: Life.
Husaamudin Male Arabic Variant of Husamudeen: The sword of the Faith.
Hor Female Biblical Who conceives, or shows, a hill. Non-Gerderized Biblical Name
Hillel Male Biblical He that praises
Huritt Male NativeAmerican Handsome (Algonquin).
Huntingdon Male English From the hunter's hill.
Hoel Male ArthurianLegend Father of Isolde.
Haashim Male Arabic Variant of Hashim: Name of Prophet Mohammed's grandfather. Old Arabic name. Generosity.
Helek Male Biblical Part, portion.
Hovsep Male Armenian Armenian form of Joseph.
Hashum Female Biblical Silence, their hasting.
Halig Male Anglo-Saxon Holy.
Hypnos Male Greek God of sleep.
Hazelle Female Not available or unknown Form of HAZEL. commander
Helle Female Greek Daughter of Athamas.
Hattipha Female Biblical Robbery.
Holbrook Male English From the brook.
Holly Female English holly grove
Hubaab Male Arabic Variant of Hubab: Aim. Friendship.
Herhert Male Teutonic Shining fighter.
Hernandez Male Spanish Adventurous. Variant of Ferdinand.
Hamlin Male French little home-lover
Hirah Female Biblical Liberty, anger.
Honi Male Hebrew Gracious.
Hare Male English Rabbit.
Honza Male Czechoslovakian Gift from God.
Hanlon Male Irish Surname.
Hardin Male English From the hare's valley.
Hanrietta Female French Rules the home.
Husam Male Arabic Sword. Sword edge.
Halil Male Hebrew Variant of Chalil: Flute.
Harimanna Female German Warrior maiden.
Hagly Male English From the hedged enclosure.
Humfrey Male Teutonic Supports Peace.
Halif Male Arabic Ally. Confederate.
Hedya Female Hebrew Form of HEDIA. Voice of the Lord
Helbon Female Biblical Milk, fatness. Non-Gerderized Biblical Name
Haafiz Male Arabic Variant of Hafiz: Keeper. Guardian. Preserver.
Hiatt Male English From the high gate.
Hugin Male Norse Thoughtful.
Hurit Female NativeAmerican Beautiful (Algonquin).
Hollis Male English Hero
Haile Female Not available or unknown Form of HALEY. hero
Halimeda Female Greek Thinking of the sea.
Heres Male Biblical The son; an earthen pot
Henri Male German Form of HENRY. ruler of the home
Habazinaiah Female Biblical A hiding of the shield of the Lord.
Hu Male Egyptian A nature god.
Hanraoi Male Irish Rules the home.
Herrick Male German Army leader.
Heldai Male Biblical The world, rustiness.
Hayat Female Arabic Life.
Herlebeorht Male English Army strong.
Heli Male Biblical Ascending, climbing up.
Hanno Male German Gift from God.
Hlink Male English From the bank.
Hosah Female Biblical Trusting. Non-Gerderized Biblical Name
Honour Female Latin Good name and integrity. A virtue name.
Here Female Greek Wife of Zeus.
Halsig Male English From Hal's island.
Hyatt Male English From the high gate. Surname.
Haggiah Female Biblical The Lord's feast.
Hildemar Female German battle-renowned
Hekuba Female Greek Mother of Paris and Hector.
Heortwode Male English From the stag's forest.
Home Male Scottish From the cave.
Herthe Female Teutonic Mother earth.
Haldisa Female Teutonic Spirit of stone.
Haim Male Hebrew Variant of Chayim: Life.
Henka Female Polish Polish form of Henrietta: Bless the home.
Hildagarde Female German Variant of Hildegarde: Battle. Glorious, warfare. In Scandinavian mythology Hildegard was a Valkyrie sent by Odin to escort battle heroes to Valhalla.
Harelde Female Teutonic Strong in war.
Hayfa' Female Arabic Slender. Of beautiful body.
Habaiah Male Biblical The hiding of the Lord.
Hannah Female Hebrew Grace of God
Hrapenly Male English From the shouter's meadow.
Hagop Male Armenian Armenian form of James.
Harum Female Biblical High, throwing down.
Hylas Male Greek Son of Theiodamas.
Humility Male English Humble.
Hereward Male English Derived from Old English 'Hereweard', a compound of army (here) and protection (weard).from the Old English name Hereweard. The Anglo-Saxon hero Hereward the Wake led a revolt against William the Conqueror in the 11th century.
Hevataneo Male NativeAmerican Hairyrope (Cheyenne).
Hildreth Female German Battle counselor.
Hye Female Greek gracefulness
Hazaia Male Hebrew Variant of Chazaiah: God sees.
Hy Male Not available or unknown Form of HYMAN. He who Lives in High Place

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