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Motka Male Russian God's gift.
Mima Female Hebrew Diminutive of Jemima: Dove. Little dove. In the Old Testament, Jemima was one of the three beautiful daughters of Job (the other two were Keziah and Keren).
Milap Male NativeAmerican Charitable.
Maon Female Biblical House, place of sin. Non-Gerderized Biblical Name
Monroe Male Celtic from the red swamp
Manda Female Latin lovable, harmony
Machk Male NativeAmerican Bear (Algonquin).
Marci Female Latin Of Mars. Feminine of Marcus. Mars was mythological Roman god of fertility also identified with the Greek war god Ares.
Matrika Female Hindu mother, name of goddess
Marino Male Latin Of the sea.
Marlyssa Female English Variant of Marlene, derived from Madeline: Woman from Magdala.
Mistique Female French Air of mystery.
Macario Male Spanish happy, blessed
Marta Female Slavic Form of MARTHA. a lady
Mikolai Male Polish Polish form of Nicholas 'victory of the people'.
Megedagik Male NativeAmerican Kills many (Algonquin).
Mauritins Male Latin Dark skinned.
Mahesa Male Hindu great lord
Mali Female Welsh Welsh form of Molly: bitter.
Madhava Male Indian God of spring.
Misu Male NativeAmerican Rippling brook (Miwok).
Margeaux Female French Variant of Margaret: pearl.
Mano Male Hawaiian shark
Mumtaz Male Arabic Distinguished. Exquisite.
Mufid Male Arabic Useful.
Muinuddin Male Arabic Variant of Moinuddin: Assister of the Faith.
Morrey Male English Dark-skinned. A Moor. Form of Maurice.
Merlyn Male ArthurianLegend Sea fortress. In Arthurian mythology the wizard Merlin was King Arthur's mentor.
Menteith Male Shakespearean 'The Tragedy of Macbeth' A nobleman of Scotland.
Marji Female English Variant of the French Margerie.
Mabsant Male Welsh Legendary son of Caw.
Merrie Female English Mirthful; joyous. Also an abbreviation of Meredith.
Mabli Female Welsh Welsh form of Mabel, meaning lovable.
Mushtari Female Arabic Jupiter.
Mjolnir Male Norse Thor's hammer.
Merwin Male Teutonic Mariner.
Musharrifa Female Arabic Elevated. Exalted.
Marwan Male Arabic Old Arabic name.
Malia Female American Indian Bitter
Marlie Female Not available or unknown Form of MARILYN. bitter
Macha Female Irish Plain.
Marlene Female Hebrew from Magdala
Margarethe Female Danish Danish form of Margaret.
Mairona Female Irish Bitter.
Myrtisa Female Greek Myrtle.
Mansur Male Arabic Aided (by God). Victorious.
Marlynn Female English Feminine of Marlon; Variant of Marlene 'Woman from Magdala. '.
Malcolm Male Latin A Dove
Minka Female German strong, resolute
Mago Male Irish Great.
Margrit Female German 'Pearl.
Moladah Female Biblical Birth, generation.
Myrtoessa Female Latin A nymph.
Mac Daraich Male Gaelic Son of the man from the ford by the oak trees.
Mariele Female French Diminutive of Maria.
Maidie Female English Girl; maiden. Also can be a Scottish diminutive of Margaret.
Morgant Female Welsh From the shore of the sea.
Meghan Female Anglo-Saxon Strong and capable.
Maizah Female Arabic Discerning.
Machbenah Male Biblical Poverty; the smiting of his son
Maudood Male Arabic Variant of Maudud: Attached; Friendly.
Marwyn Male Teutonic Mariner.
Marsten Male English Town near the marsh.
Michaeline Female Hebrew Variant of Michal: Who is like God?.
Micheil Male Gaelic Gaelic form of Michael.
Meliodas Male ArthurianLegend Tristan's father.
Marcius Male Shakespearean 'The Tragedy of Coriolanus.' Caius Marcius Coriolanus, and also Young Marcius, son to Coriolanus.
Myrtice Female Greek Myrtle.
Morgan Tud Male ArthurianLegend A physician.
Maddalena Female German Magnificent.
Manfa'at Male Arabic Profit. Useful service.
Muraad Male Arabic Variant of Murad: Desire. Object.
Marcus Male Latin Form of MARC. Warlike
Mubaarak Male Arabic Variant of Mubarak: Blessed. Auspicious.
Mochni Male NativeAmerican Talking bird (Hopi).
Melia Female Greek nymph daughter of oceanus
Marwood Male English From the lake forest.
Maitilde Female Irish Strong battle maiden.
Moly Female Greek An herb Hermes gives to Odysseus to protect him.
Maspann Bhaillidh Male Gaelic Son of the steward.
Madrona Female Latin Form of MADONNA. Mother
Manfred Male English Hero's peace.
Marven Male English Form of Mervin.
Merton Male Anglo-Saxon From the farm by the sea.
Marine Female Latin Of the sea.
Mariana Female Latin Variant of Mary: bitter. A Shakespearian character noted for her loyalty in Measure for Measure.
Minneiah Female Biblical Possession of the Lord.
Madie Female French Tower.
Menoeceus Male Greek Father of Jocasta.
Munawwar Male Arabic Illuminated. Enlightened.
Mabbina Female Irish Happiness.
Mai Female Japanese brightness
Mignon Female French dainty, petite
Micaiah Male Biblical Who is like to God?
Masood Male Arabic Variant of Masoud: Happy. Lucky.
Margaret F Female Shakespearean 'Henry VI, Part 2' Queen to King Henry VI.
Moke Male Hawaiian Form of MOSES, Drawn Out of the Water
Maribell Female Latin Beautiful Marie. Blend of Mari and Belle.
Maiti Female Irish Strong battle maiden.
Maris Male Latin of the sea

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