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Nehelamite Female Biblical Dreamer, vale, brook.
Nuncio Male Latin Messenger.
Nitza Female Hebrew Blossom.
Natal Male Spanish Born at Christmas.
Nissyen Male Welsh Legendary son of Eurosswydd.
Neri Female Biblical My light.
Nechemya Male Hebrew Comforted by God.
Nayyir Male Arabic Luminous. Brilliant.
Nudd Male ArthurianLegend A knight.
Natanael Male Hebrew Gift from God.
Nafees Male Arabic Variant of Nafis: Precious. Exquisite.
Nelwyna Female English Bright friend.
Nailah Female African succeeding
Normando Male Spanish Man of the north.
Nanette Female English Favor; grace. Variant of Ann or Anne: A variant of Hannah introduced to Britain in the 13th century.
Nadhira Female Arabic Head. Foremost. also blooming or flourishing.
Nawar Female Arabic Flower.
Nara Male American Indian place name
Nagina Female Arabic Gem. Pearl.
Neapolis Female Biblical The new city. Non-Gerderized Biblical Name
Noadiah Female Biblical Witness, or ornament, of the Lord.
Needah Female Arabic Variant of Nida: Call. Voice.
Nweh Female Arabic Light.
Naharai Male Biblical My nostrils, hot, anger.
Nason Male Unisex Helper, entry-way.
Nadia Female Arabic Caller. Announcer.
Nergal Male Biblical The great man; the hero
Natascha Female Russian Variant of Natalie: birthday.
Nadiyah Female Arabic Variant of Nadia: Caller. Announcer.
Nodons Male Anglo-Saxon A British god.
Naphish Male Biblical The soul; he that rests; refreshes himself; or respires
Neris Female Latin Named for the Nereides.
Nerio Female Latin Wife of Mars.
Naqqash Male Arabic Painter. Artist.
Nicopolis Female Biblical The City of victory. Non-Gerderized Biblical Name
Noreis Male French Caretaker.
Nilofar Female Arabic Lotus. Water lily.
Nanny Female Hebrew Grace.
Nephthys Female Egyptian Mythical nature goddess daughter of Nut and Geb.
Norwin Male English Friend of the north.
Nessan Male Irish Name of a saint.
Nicolaus Male Greek People's victory.
Nahid Female Arabic Elevated. Venus.
Nichole Female French Feminine of Nicholas: people's victory.
Nevada Male Latin snowy
Nishat Male Arabic Liveliness. Energy.
Naajia Female Arabic Variant of Najia: Free. Escaped.
Naweed Male Arabic Variant of Nawid: Good news. Glad tiding.
Newman Male English Newcomer.
Natuche Female French Born at Christmas.
Neron Male Spanish strong, stern
Nimshi Male Biblical Rescued from danger.
Naoko Male Japanese honest
Nef Male German Nephew.
Natalee Female French Birthday; especially the birthday of Christ.
Naseem Male Arabic Variant of Nasim: Fresh Air. Breeze.
Nuri Male Hebrew My fire.
Nitika Female Hindu angel of precious stones
Naufa Female Arabic Excess. Surplus.
Narda Female Latin Fragrant.
Noak Male Swedish Rest.
Ned Male English Form of EDWARD. guardian of prosperity
No Female Biblical Stirring up, forbidding. Non-Gerderized Biblical Name
Najwa Female Arabic Confidential talk. Secret conversation.
Naiadia Female Latin A nymph.
Neysa Female Greek Pure.
Nariko Female Japanese Gentle child.
Nicolette Female French People's victory.
Nathan-melech Male Biblical 'The gift of the king, or of counsel'
Netty Female English Name ending used as an independent name.
Nabirye Female Egyptian Mother of twins.
Neilson Male Scandinavian Victorious; conquerer of the people. Variant of Nicholas.
Neria Female Basque Mine.
Nepheg Male Biblical Weak, slacked.
Nicson Male English Son of Nick.
Nikolia Female Greek Feminine form of Nicholas.
Nico Male English Abbreviation of Nicholas. Mythological Nike was Greek goddess of victory and root origin of 'Nicholas.'.
Nonna Female Latin Sage.
Nathalie Female Latin Form of NATALIE. born on Christmas
Nathir Male Arabic Warner.
Nelda Female English By the alder tree.
Navin Male Hindu new, novel
Nathaira Female Scottish Snake.
Nadwah Female Arabic Council.
Nolana Female Gaelic Feminine of Nolan (noble) or variant abbreviation of Fenella from Fiona: fair.
Nicodemus Male Biblical Victory of the people
Nain Female Biblical Beauty, pleasantness. Non-Gerderized Biblical Name
Narcisa Female Greek Daffodil.
Nyako Female African Girl
Nuha Female Arabic Intelligence.
Najmuddeen Male Arabic Variant of Najmuddin: The star of the Faith.
Nemuel Male Biblical The sleeping of God
Nastya Female Russian Reborn.
Nadiv Male Hebrew Noble.
Nalani Female Hawaiian calmness of the skies
Nortin Male English From the north farm.
Neason Male Irish Name of a saint.
Naz Male Arabic Pride. Delicacy.
Niguel Male Spanish Champion Form of Niall.
Nadine Female French From Nada Variant of Nadia.

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