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Overdone Female Shakespearean 'Measure for Measure' Mistress Overdone, a bawd.
Olaug Female Norse Of the ancestors.
Ossy Male English Diminutive of Oscar: Divine spear; God's spear. Famous Bearer: poet Oscar Wilde (1854-1900), who was put on trial and imprisoned for homosexuality.
Othomann Male German Wealthy.
Orel Male Russian Eagle.
Osburga Female Anglo-Saxon Name of a queen.
Oistin Male Latin Revered.
Owena Female Welsh Feminine form of Owen: Young warrior. Also can be a variant of Eugene: Well-born.
Ordmund Male English Spear defender.
Orghlaith Female Irish Golden.
O'brien Male Irish Surname.
Othili Female Anglo-Saxon Little wealthy one.
Oota dabun Female NativeAmerican Day star (Algonquin).
Oswallt Male Welsh Welsh form of Oswald 'strength from God'.
Ovadya Male Hebrew Serves God.
Oberon Male German noble, bearlike
Orah Female Hebrew Light.
Oxley Male English From the ox enclosure.
Oram Male English From tbe riverbank enclosure.
Ortensiana Female Latin Farmer.
Oleta Female English Winged.
Ortzi Male Basque sky
Oddie Male German Variant of Odo: Wealth.
Otaktay Male NativeAmerican Kills many (Sioux).
Obharnait Female Irish The color of olive.
Oidhche Male Scottish Night.
Offa Male Anglo-Saxon Name of a king.
Oamra Female Arabic The moon.
Orrik Male English From the ancient oak tree.
Oceana Female Greek Form of Oceanus. In Greek mythology Oceanus was a Titan father of rivers and water nymphs.
Osraed Male English Divine counselor.
Ordwald Male English Spear strength.
Olive Female Irish Olive.
Ortensie Female Latin Farmer.
Opel Female Sanskrit Jewel.
Orien Male Not available or unknown The Orient, East
Odhert Male German Wealthy.
Ora Female Anglo-Saxon Money.
Oubastet Male Egyptian A cat.
Otik Male Czechoslovakian Wealthy.
Otos Male Greek Keen of hearing.
Oris Male Hebrew Tree.
Oscar Male Scandinavian Divine Strength
Ogaleesha Male NativeAmerican Wears a red shirt (Sioux).
Osahar Male Egyptian God hears me.
Oeneus Male Greek King of Calydon.
Onida Female NativeAmerican The one searched for.
Osbourne Male English Divine warrior.
Octaviana Female Latin Eighth. Feminine of Octavius. A clan name of Roman Emperors.
Odanodan Male Irish Of the red earth.
Ottavia Female Italian Born eighth.
Oighrig Female Greek Well spoken.
Omah Female Hebrew Cedar tree.
Olympas Female Biblical Heavenly.
Omari Male African God the highest (Swahili).
Orren Male English The name of an English river.
Otrera Female Latin Mother of the Amazons.
Oskari Male Finnish Leaping warrior.
Orwald Male English Spear strength.
Ori Male Hebrew My light.
Ophira Female Not available or unknown Gold
Ova Female Latin Egg
Olivier Male French From the olive tree.
Oleif Male Norse Relic descendant.
Odo Male French Name of a bishop.
OrIyg Male Norse Son of Valthjof.
Oral Male Russian Eagle.
Otka Female Czechoslovakian Lucky.
Owin Male Celtic Young fighter.
Ominotago Female NativeAmerican Beautiful voice (Chippewa).
Orela Female Latin Announcement from the Gods
Odwolfe Male English Wealthy wolf.
Oriel Female French golden, angel of destiny
Oline Female Hawaiian Joyous.
Oceanus Male Greek Father of the Oceanids.
Oddvar Male Norse Pointable.
Olwina Female Welsh White foot print.
Ondyaw Male Welsh Legendary son of a French Duke.
Odella Female Anglo-Saxon Little wealthy one.
Ownah Female Not available or unknown Form of UNA, one
Odila Female French Wealthy.
Oliana Female Hawaiian oleander
Ocumwhowurst Male NativeAmerican Yellow wolf (Cheyenne).
Onkar Male Hindu pure being
Olinda Female German Defender of the land.
On Male Biblical Pain, force, iniquity
Odd Female Norse Point.
Ogilhinn Male Scottish From the high peak.
Odelia Female Hebrew I will praise god
Oenomaus Male Greek Son of Ares.
Orleans Female French Golden
Ovadiah Male Hebrew Serves God.
Ovia Female Latin Egg.
Ottah Male Egyptian Third born.
Olivie Female Latin Olive.
Orpheus Male Greek Son of Apollo.
Ofra Female Hebrew Fawn.
Ohanko Male NativeAmerican Reckless.
Orial Female Latin Golden.
Orpah Female Biblical The neck or skull.

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