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Piero Male Greek Rock.
Phrixus Male Greek Son of Nephele.
Pheobus Male Greek Shining.
Pallantia Female Latin Daughter of Hercules.
Philistines Female Biblical Those who dwell in villages. Non-Gerderized Biblical Name
Peredur Male Welsh Legendary son of Evrawg.
Patwin Male NativeAmerican Man.
Philippine Female German Loves horses.
Pedra Female Spanish Stone.
Paili Female Hebrew Bitter.
Pellonia Female Latin Invoked to ward off enemies.
Prydwyn Female ArthurianLegend Name of Arthur's ship.
Prudencia Female Spanish Prudent.
Parle Male English Little rock.
Ptolemy Male Egyptian Name of a pharaoh.
Pithom Female Biblical Their mouthful, a dilatation of the mouth. Non-Gerderized Biblical Name
Paran Female Biblical Beauty, glory, ornament. Non-Gerderized Biblical Name
Phemie Female Greek Auspicious speech; good repute; well spoken. Diminutive of the name Euphemia.
Prescot Male English Priest's cottage. Surname.
Pylades Male Greek Friend of Orestes.
Phoenicia Female Biblical Red, purple. Non-Gerderized Biblical Name
Priscilla Female Biblical Ancient
Prudence Female Latin Cautious, Intelligent
Paget Male French Attendant.
Prosperia Female Latin Prosper.
Pascoe Male French Variant of Pascal: Of Easter.
Pascale Female French Easter
Philetus Female Biblical Amiable, beloved.
Pentapolis Female Biblical Five cities.
Pietrek Male Polish Polish form of Peter 'rock'.
Pierrette Female Greek Form of PIERRE. See PETER
Poppy Female English Poppy (flower name).
Palban Male Spanish Blond.
Philoetius Male Greek A cowherd.
Pyrrhus Male Greek King of Epirus.
Pau Female Biblical Howling, sighing. Non-Gerderized Biblical Name
Palamedes Male ArthurianLegend A knight.
Pauel Male Dutch Little. Form of Paul.
Perkin Male English Little rock.
Pietro Male Greek Rock.
Philander Male Greek Lover of man.
Pavlushka Male Russian Little.
Phaon Male Greek A ferryman.
Pippo Male Greek Lover of horses.
Pacquita Female Latin Free.
Pauloc Male English Little rock.
Polikwaptiwa Female NativeAmerican Butterfly sitting on a flower (Hopi).
Pahana Male NativeAmerican Lost white brother (Hopi).
Pruitt Male French Brave.
Pierce Male Greek Form of PETER. A Rock
Pelaliah Male Biblical Entreating the Lord.
Paquita Female Spanish Free.
Pedr Male Welsh Welsh form of Peter 'rock'.
Pleasance Female French Pleasure.
Perdy Female Latin From PERDITA, the lost
Penda Female Swahili love
Phrynia Female Shakespearean 'The Life of Timon of Athens'
Peter Male Biblical A rock or stone
Pascala Female French Born at Easter.
Peyton Male English From the fighter's farm.
Paraaha Female Russian Born on Good Friday.
Part 1 and 2' Male Shakespearean Variant of Edmund: 'King Henry IV, Part 1' Earl of March. Scroop
Petronilla Female German Rock.
Pelethites Male Biblical Judges; destroyers
Penuel Male Biblical Face or vision of God, that sees God.
Portier Male French Gatekeeper.
Peada Male Anglo-Saxon Name of a prince.
Pavlis Male Latin Small.
Pennleah Male English From the enclosed pasture meadow.
Paltiel Male Biblical Deliverance; or banishment; of God
Pepperell Male French Piper.
Ponce Male Spanish Born fifth.
Porsche Female Latin Form of PORTIA, offering
Pendragon Male Anglo-Saxon From the dragon's enclosed land.
Pomonia Female Latin Fertile.
Percy Male French Form of PERCIVAL. Piercing the Valley
Parson Male Not available or unknown Minister, Clergy
Peleg Female Biblical Division.
Padon Male Biblical His redemption; ox-yoke
Puw Male Welsh Welsh form of Pugh 'son of Hugh'.
Prestin Male English From the Priest's farm.
Parounag Male Armenian Grateful.
Patch Male Not available or unknown Form of PETER. A Rock
Pemphredo Female Greek Sister of the Gorgons.
Parolles Male Shakespearean 'All's Well That Ends Well.' A follower of Bertram, Count of Rousillon.
Pearce Male Anglo-Saxon Rock.
Primavera Female Latin Born at the beginning of spring.
Pawel Male Latin Small.
Peri Female Greek Fem. Form of PERRY. pear tree
Paulus Male Biblical Small; little
Pax Female English Peaceful.
Patrobas Male Biblical Paternal; that pursues the steps of his father
Petronelle Female Greek Rock.
Paavo Male Finnish Finnish form of Paul.
Pell Male English Mantle.
Pensee Female French Thoughtful.
Pryderi Male Celtic Care.
Piran Male Celtic St. Piran is the Cornish patron saint of miners.
Panthea Female Greek of all the gods
Pannoowau Male NativeAmerican He lies (Algonquin).

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