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Qochata Male NativeAmerican White man (Hopi).
Quilinus Male Latin A lesser war god.
Qa'id Male Arabic Steersman. Leader.
Qadhi Male Arabic Magistrate. Justice. Judge.
Qahir Male Arabic Conqueror. Victorious.
Quirita Female Latin citizen
Quesnel Male French From the little oak tree.
Quany Male Scottish Proud.
Qari Male Arabic Reader. Reciter.
Quentin Male English From the queen's estate.
Quartus Female Biblical Fourth.
Qadeem Male Arabic Variant of Qadim: Ancient. Antique.
Qaa'id Male Arabic Variant of Qa'id: Steersman. Leader.
Qaadhee Male Arabic Variant of Qadhi: Magistrate. Justice. Judge.
Quade Male Gaelic From the Scottish clan name McQuade.
Quinby Male Scandinavian From the woman's estate.
Qays Male Arabic Firm.
Qasim Male Arabic Divider.
Queena Female English Queen.
Qadeer Male Arabic Variant of Qadir: Powerful. Capable.
Quinlan Male Irish well-shaped, athletic
Qeturah Female Hebrew Incense.
Quigley Male Gaelic Distaff.
Quint Male English Variant of Quentin 'fifth.' Surname.
Qssim Male Arabic Divides.
Qutub Male Arabic Variant of Qutb: Pivot. Pole. Axis. Celebrity.
Qabil Male Arabic Acceptor. Next. Able.
Qamra Female Arabic moon
Quasshie Male Egyptian Born on Sunday.
Quiana Female American Soft, Synthetic Material
Quies Female Latin Tranquility.
Quent Male English Variant of Quentin 'fifth.' Surname.
Quincey Male English Fifth. Derived from Roman clan name.
Qeb Male Egyptian Father of the earth.
Quintin Male Latin Fifth.
Qadir Male Arabic Capable.
Quinta Female Latin Form of QUENTIN. fifth
Quintus Male Latin Born fifth.
Queeny Female English Variant of Queenie: Queen.
Quinn Male Celtic wise
Qihael Male Arabic The Biblical Cain is the English language equivalent.
Qaahir Male Arabic Variant of Qahir: Conqueror. Victorious.
Qurban Male Arabic Martyr. Sacrificed.
Quinevere Female ArthurianLegend Arthur's queen.
Qurbaan Male Arabic Variant of Qurban: Martyr. Sacrificed.
Qaseem Male Arabic Divides.
Quinton Male English Variant of Quentin 'fifth.' Surname.
Quarrie Male Scottish Proud.
Quenton Male English Variant of Quentin 'fifth.' Surname.
Quickly Female Shakespearean 'King Henry IV, Part 1 and 2' Mistress Quickly, hostess of the Boar's Head in Eastcheap. Later, in Henry V, she is Pistol's wife. 'The Merry Wives of Windsor' Mistress Quickly, servant to Doctor Caius.
Quilla Female Not available or unknown A Quill
Qatadah Male Arabic A hardwood tree.
Qaree Male Arabic Variant of Qari: Reader. Reciter.
Qaiser Male Arabic Emperor. Caesar.
Qubilah Female Arabic Concord.
Qaabil Male Arabic Variant of Qabil: Acceptor. Next. Able.
Quibilah Female Egyptian Peaceful.
Qeehael Male Arabic Variant of Qihael: The Biblical Cain is the English language equivalent.
Querida Female Spanish Beloved.
Qani' Male Arabic Satisfied. Content.
Qaani' Male Arabic Variant of Qani': Satisfied. Content.
Quennel Male French From the little oak tree.
Qaraar Male Arabic Variant of Qarar: Rest. Firmness.
Quenby Female Scandinavian womanly
Quintina Female Latin Born fifth.
Qaa'im Male Arabic Variant of Qa'im: Upright. Stable.
Quillan Male Celtic cub
Queenie Female English Queen.
Qutaybah Male Arabic Irritable. Impatient.
Quinnell Male Gaelic Counsel. Variant of Quinn.
Quince Male Shakespearean 'A Midsummer Night's Dream' Quince, a carpenter, acts as Prologue in the play within the play.
Quella Female English pacify
Qutb Male Arabic Pivot. Pole. Axis. Celebrity.
Qudrat Male Arabic Faculty. Power. Nature.
Qudamah Male Arabic Courage.
Quentrell Male English Variant of Quentin 'fifth.' Surname.
Quincy Male English Fifth. Derived from Roman clan name.
Qa'im Male Arabic Upright. Stable.
Quiterie Female French tranquil
Qamar Male Arabic The Moon. Satellite.
Qaletaqa Male NativeAmerican Guardian of the people (Hopi).
Queran Male Irish Dark.
Quimby Male Norse From the woman's estate.
Quin Male Celtic Wise.
Qadim Male Arabic Ancient. Antique.
Quintrell Male English Variant of Quentin 'fifth.' Surname.
Qarar Male Arabic Rest. Firmness.
Quaid Male Irish Irish form of Walter.

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