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Romilda Female German Glorious battle maiden.
Ruark Male Irish Famous ruler.
Rorric Male Scandinavian Red.
Ryce Male Anglo-Saxon Powerful.
Ryons Male ArthurianLegend A Welsh king.
Razi Male Hebrew Secret
Romilde Female German Glorious battle maiden.
Rysc Male English Rush.
Rois Female Gaelic Rose.
Roslyn Female German Variant of Rosalind: Compound of 'horse' and 'snake'.
Rhuvawn Male Welsh Legendary son of Deorthach.
Rashida Female African righteous
Richman Male English Powerful.
Ramatha Female Biblical Raised, lofty. Non-Gerderized Biblical Name
Rosalinde Female Spanish Beautiful.
Rorik Male Scandinavian Red.
Randy Male German Form of RANDOLPH. wolf-shield
Ramses Male African Sun Born
Rozalia Female Hungarian Lily or rose.
Ryan Male Celtic little ruler
Resi Female Greek Gatherer.
Russell Male French red-haired
Ridhaa' Male Arabic Variant of Reza: Contentment. Acceptance. Satisfaction.
Ramazan Male Arabic Variant of Ramadhan: Ninth Month of Muslim calendar.
Radorm Male Norse Borother of Jolgeir.
Reidun Female Scandinavian nest-lovely
Rillia Female German Brook.
Robinette Female French Small robin.
Raimund Male German Form of RAYMOND. mighty protector
Rhianwyn Female Welsh Comely maiden.
Rusalka Female Czechoslovakian Wood sprite.
Roper Male English Maker of rope.
Reis Male Israeli Giant.
Renfrew Male Welsh Dwells near the still river.
Roth Male German red-haired
Raghd Female Arabic Pleasant.
Rollan Male English Renowned in the land.
Rabab Female Arabic pale cloud
Richie Male German Diminutive of Richard: Hard ruler.
Regem Male Biblical That stones or is stoned, purple.
Ruma Female Indian Queen of the apes.
Robin Male German bright fame
Roswald Male German Horse mighty.
Reilly Male Not available or unknown Form of RILEY. valiant
Remaliah Male Biblical The exaltation of the Lord.
Ruzena Female Latin Rose.
Reese Male English Ardent; fiery.
Rhoda Female Hebrew rosy, roses
Rimon Male Arabic pomegranate
Raca Female Biblical Worthless, good-for-nothing.
Rudd Male English ruddy
Riccardo Male German Powerful ruler.
Robinetta Female French Small robin.
Radhia Female Arabic Well-satisfied.
Reaiah Male Biblical Vision of the Lord.
Rachel Female Biblical Sheep
Raaghib Male Arabic Variant of Raghib: Desirous. Willing.
Richael Female Irish Name of a saint.
Ramya Female Hindu beautiful, elegant
Ricadene Male English Lives in the ruler.
Rayhan Male Arabic favored by God
Rohgah Male Biblical Filled or drunk with talk.
Ruggiero Male Teutonic Famous fighter.
Raud Male Norse Father of Ulf.
Raimunda Female Spanish Wise defender.
Rheta Female Greek Speaker.
Rainger Male French Ward of the forest.
Raina Female Latin Form of REGINA. queen
Raibert Male Teutonic Bright fame.
Rikard Male German Powerful ruler.
Rawiella Male English From the deer spring.
Raedwald Male Anglo-Saxon Name of a king.
Rayford Male English Counselor. Variant of Raymond.
Radha Female Hindi A cowgirl.
Rooney Male Irish red-haired
Rob Male Not available or unknown Form of ROBERT. bright fame
Ra'isa Female Arabic Leadress. Matron.
Reade Male English with red hair
Randell Male English Variants of Randolph 'Wolf's shield.' Surname.
Roibeard Male Irish Robin.
Rezso Male Teutonic Famous wolf.
Rhodantha Female Greek Rose.
Rachele Female Hebrew Ewe.
Rolanda Female German Famed Throughout the Land
Rodolfo Male Spanish Spanish form of Rudolph 'famous wolf'.
Raleigh Male English From the roe deer meadow.
Romhild Female German Glorious battle maiden.
Rose Female Latin rose bush
Rivalen Male ArthurianLegend Tristan's father.
Radbourne Male English Lives by the red stream.
Rheda Female Anglo-Saxon A goddess.
Roi Male French king
Rikkard Male English Strong ruler.
Ricker Male English Strong army.
Rosabel Female French Beautiful Rose
Ricciardo Male Italian Firm ruler.
Ren Male English Raven.
Regina Female Italian Queen.
Rainor Male German Strong counselor.
Redford Male English From the reedy ford. Old English surname.

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