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Solon Female Greek Wise.
Sceva Female Biblical Disposed, prepared.
Simao Male Hebrew Obedient.
Sekhet Female Egyptian Wife of Ptah.
Sinjin Male English St. John.
Sandrine Female Greek helper and defender of mankind
Shelomith Female Biblical My peace, my happiness, my recompense.
Sextus Male Latin Born sixth. Given to the sixth child born to a large family.
Sarohildi Female German Armored battle maiden.
Salah Male Biblical Mission, sending.
Stocwiella Male English From the tree stump spring.
Sigvard Male Norse Victorious defender.
Sigiwald Male German Victorious ruler.
Syver Male Norse Victorious defender.
Siodhachan Male Irish Little peaceful one.
Seemaab Male Arabic Variant of Simab: Mercury. Quicksilver.
Shimei Male Biblical That hears or obeys, my reputation, my fame.
Sty]es Male English Stiles.
Sokanon Female NativeAmerican Rain (Algonquin).
Swaley Male English winding stream
Sewati Male NativeAmerican Curved bear claw (Miwok).
Sissy Female Irish Form of CECILIA. blind
Silvino Male Spanish Variant of Sylvanus referring to the mythological Greek god of trees.
Sweeney Male Irish small hero
Shu Male Egyptian Air.
Sapphire Female Greek From the Gem
Shahlaa Female Arabic Variant of Shahla: Having bluish black eyes.
Shicron Male Biblical Drunkenness; his gift; his wages
Silverio Male Portuguese Variant of Sylvanus referring to the mythological Greek god of trees.
Sari Female Hebrew princess
Segesta Female Latin Daughter of Phoenodamas.
Sa'ood Male Arabic Variant of Sa'ud: Felicities. Good fortunes.
Sander Male Greek Defender of man.
Shashenka Male Russian Defender of man.
Sucki Male NativeAmerican Black (Algonquin).
Sean Male Irish god's gracious gift
Sidony Female Greek Linen. Shroud of Christ.
Skene Male Scottish From Skene.
Shing Male Chinese victory
Stanhope Male English From the stony hollow.
Stod Male English Horse.
Searle Male English armor
Smyrna Female Biblical Myrrh. Non-Gerderized Biblical Name
Steffen Male Welsh Crown; wreath. Variant of Stephen.
Shipton Male English From the sheep farm.
Shabana Female Arabic Belonging to night. Young lady.
Steaphan Male Gaelic Crown; wreath. Variant of Stephen.
Sethur Female Biblical Hid, destroying.
Seleucia Female Biblical Shaken or beaten by the waves. Non-Gerderized Biblical Name
Sacheverell Male French Surname and place name.
Sulyen Male Welsh Legendary son of Iaen.
Sharman Female English a fair share
Syd Male English Diminutive of Sidney: Wide Island: south of the water; 'from St. Denis'.
Sinead Female Irish gracious
Svein Male Norse Young.
Sebastian Male Greek Majestic
Sabino Male Latin A Sabine.
Shammai Male Biblical My name, my desolations.
Shanon Female Not available or unknown Form of SHANNON. wise one
Shaktar Male Indian Name of a hermit.
Samirn Male Arabic Real. Genuine.
Segundo Male Latin Born second.
Shephuphan Male Biblical Serpent.
Sinai Female Biblical A bush, enmity. Non-Gerderized Biblical Name
Shahla Female Arabic Having bluish black eyes.
Sanderson Male English Alexander's son.
Sawyer Male English wood worker
Shalmai Female Biblical My garment.
Swanhilde Female Norse Daughter of Sigurd.
Spike Male Not available or unknown Long, Heavy Nail
Sileema Female Arabic Variant of Salima: Safe. Mild.
Sinope Female Latin Daughter of Ares.
Signilda Female Swedish Victorious.
Senalda Female Spanish A Sign, Symbol
Shaibya Female Indian Faithful wife.
Somhairle Male Gaelic Asked of God.
Siany Female Irish Good health.
Shaheena Female Arabic Variant of Shahina: Falconess.
Simba Male Swahili lion
Sighle Female Gaelic Gaelic form of Sheila.
Shaphat Male Biblical Judge
Shith Male Arabic Variant of Sheeth: The Biblical Seth is the English language equivalent.
Stig Male Swedish From the mount.
Steele Male English Hard; durable.
Shitala Female Indian Goddess of smallpox.
Safiya Female African pure
Shaundre Male Irish Variant of John from Sean.
Sadwm Male Welsh Welsh form of Saturn 'god of the harvest'.
Stu Male Not available or unknown Form of STUART. steward
Sherburne Male English From the clear brook.
Shauq Male Arabic Interest. Zeal.
Saqr Male Arabic Falcon.
Shemuel Male Biblical Appointed by God
Sennet Male French Wise.
Sheshebens Female NativeAmerican Small duck (Chippewa).
Serug Female Biblical Branch, layer, twining.
Seosaimhin Female Irish Fertile.
Sechu Female Biblical Defense, bough.
Shad Male English Short form of the Biblical Shadrach; one of three young Hebrew men who survived being cast into a fiery furnace.
Skylor Male English Phonetic spelling of Schuyler.

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