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Ubaidah Male Arabic Servant of God.
Uherto Male Teutonic Intelligent.
US opera singer Be Female English Feminine form of Beverley: Beaver stream, from the beaver meadow. Derived from a surname and place name. Although Beverley has sometimes been used as a girl's name, Beverly is the more common feminine form.
Ula Female Celtic sea jewel
Utbah Male Arabic Old Arabic name.
Umarah Male Arabic Old Arabic name.
Uwais Male Arabic Small wolf.
Upharsin Female Biblical Divided. Non-Gerderized Biblical Name
Umit Male Turkish hope
Upchurch Male English From the upper church.
Ursula Female Latin Female Bear
Urien Male ArthurianLegend Name of a king.
Uberto Male Italian Form of HUBERT. shining of mind
Ubaid Male Egyptian Faithful.
Usha Female Hindi A princess.
Uilliam Male Teutonic Resolute defender.
Urice Female Hebrew Light.
Ulmar Male English Wolf famous.
Uileog Male Teutonic Resolute defender.
Udela Female Anglo-Saxon Wealthy.
Umaarah Male Arabic Variant of Umarah: Old Arabic name.
Urania Female Greek heavenly, muse of astronomy
Uzzi Female Biblical My strength, my kid. Non-Gerderized Biblical Name
Umm Female Egyptian Mother.
Ulmer Male Norse Famous wolf.
Uqbah Male Arabic The end of everything.
Upton Male English from the upper town
Urbane Female Biblical Courteous.
Uther Male ArthurianLegend Arthur's father.
Urit Female Hebrew Light
Uzumati Male NativeAmerican Bear (Miwok).
Undinia Female Latin Of the waves.
Urilla Female Not available or unknown God is my Light
Uziel Male Hebrew God is my strength
Uzzen-sherah Female Biblical Ear of the flesh. Non-Gerderized Biblical Name
Utgard Loki Male Norse A mythical king of the giants.
Uadjit Female Egyptian Mythical cobra goddess.
Ursa Female Latin Form of URSULA, Female Bear
Ulkifl Male Arabic Variant of Zulkifl: Ezekiel (English language equivalent).
Udayle Male English From the yew tree valley.
Undina Female Latin Of the waves.
Unwyn Male English Unfriendly.
'Uzma Female Arabic Greatest.
Ubel Male German Evil.
Uzziye Female Hebrew God's strength.
Upala Female Indian Opal.
Urim Female Biblical Lights, fires. Non-Gerderized Biblical Name
Urzula Female Latin Bear.
Usaamah Male Arabic Variant of Usama: King of Jungle. Lion.
Ute Female German Form of UTA. fortunate maid of battle
Ulmarr Male English Wolf famous.
Ur Atum Male Egyptian Great.
Ungus Male Irish One vigor.
Upshaw Male English upper forest
Utathya Male Indian Name of a wise man.
Ulric Male German Wolf (Dan)
Ubert Male Teutonic Intelligent.
Uranus Male Greek Sky.
Unni Female Biblical Poor, afflicted, that answers.
Ulick Male Not available or unknown Form of ULYSSES. wrathful
Urban Male Latin From the City
Usoa Female Spanish Dove.
Ufa Male Egyptian Flour.
Un nefer Male Egyptian God of the dead.
Uldwyna Female English Special friend.
Urijah Male Biblical The Lord is my light or fire
Uftzi Male Basque Sky.
Uriens Male ArthurianLegend Name of a king.
Ursola Female Latin Bear.
Ulf Male German wolf
Ummi Female African My Mother
Unwine Male English Unfriendly.
Ultima Female Latin aloof
Unn Female Norse Love.
Ulrike Female German Mistress of all.
Ugutz Male Basque Name for John the Baptist.
Uba Male African Father, Lord
Uzziel Male Biblical The strength; or kid; of the Lord
Urbain Male Not available or unknown Form of URBAN, From the City
Udo Male Japanese ginseng plant
Uni Male Norse A Dane.
Uchdryd Male Welsh Legendary son of Erim.
Udale Male English From the yew tree valley.
Ultman Male Hindu godlike
Uma Female Hebrew nation
Uaid Male Irish Irish form of Walter.
Ulik Male Teutonic Resolute defender.
Uaine Male Irish Form of OWEN. young warrior
Umair Male Arabic Old Arabic name.
Uriah Male Hebrew God is my Light
Uriana Female Greek the unknown
Umi Male African Servant

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