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'Uruj Male Arabic Rise. Mount.
Umaymah Female Arabic Young mother.
Ubadah Male Arabic serves God
Ulicia Female Irish Feminine form of Ulik.
Uel Male Biblical Desiring God.
Urseline Female Latin Bear.
Uzi Male Hebrew my strength
Una Female Latin one
Urbana Female Latin of the city
Uriel Male Hebrew Angel of Light
Ubay Male Arabic Old Arabic name.
Ulises Male Spanish Variant of the Greek name Odysseus. Ulysses was the clever and resourceful mythological hero of Homer's epic The Odyssey.
Unne Female Norse Love.
Ur Male Biblical Fire, light, a valley.
Uzal Male Biblical Wandering.
Upwood Male English From the upper forest.
Ulrik Male Danish Ruler of all.
Ulrika Female Swedish Will.
Undine Female Latin of the wave
Ulka Female German Mistress of all.
Ursala Female Latin Form of URSULA, Female Bear
Urbano Male Spanish From the city.
Umberto Male Italian Color of Earth
Urswick Male Shakespearean 'King Richard III' Christopher Urswick, a priest.
Udolf Male English Wealthy wolf.
Urbania Female Latin Born of the city.
Uatchit Female Egyptian Another form of Hathor.
'Urooj Male Arabic Variant of 'Uruj: Rise. Mount.
Uzzah Male Biblical Strength, goat.
'Umran Male Arabic Prosperity. Populousness.
Uzair Male Arabic The Biblical Ezra is the English language equivalent.
Uisdean Male Gaelic Intelligent.
'Umraan Male Arabic Variant of 'Umran: Prosperity. Populousness.
Ulfred Male English Wolf of peace.
'Ubaid Male Arabic Servant (domestic). Small slave.
Ulam Male Biblical The porch, the court, their strength, their folly.
Uiseann Male Latin Conqueror.
Ull Male Norse God of skiers.
Uigbiorn Male Norse War bear.
Uphaz Female Biblical Pure gold, gold of Phasis or Pison. Non-Gerderized Biblical Name
Umar Male Arabic Old Arabic name. Second Khalifah of Islam. Age. Lifetime. Also a variant of Omar: Life. Long living.
Usi Male Egyptian Smoke.
Ulai Female Biblical Strength, fool, senseless. Non-Gerderized Biblical Name
Ummah Female Biblical Darkened; covered; his people. Non-Gerderized Biblical Name
Uzai Male Biblical He
Uzziah Male Biblical The strength; or kid; of the Lord
Unai Male Basque Shepherd.
Ursulina Female Spanish Little bear.
Ura Male Norse From the corner property.
Ulger Male English Wolf spear.
Urian Male Greek From heaven.
Uthai Male Biblical My iniquity.
Usbeorn Male English Divine warrior.
Uthman Male Egyptian A friend of Muhammad.
Urbi Female Egyptian Princess.
Ugo Male Teutonic Spirit.
Ualtar Male Irish Strong fighter.
Uja Male Indian Grow.
Uso Male Italian Intelligent.
Ulz Male German Noble leader.
Uri Male Hebrew My Light
Ullock Male English Wolf sport.
Ulvelaik Male English Wolf sport.
Uwe Male Teutonic Universal ruler.
Ubaadah Male Arabic Variant of Ubadah: Old Arabic name.
Uny Female Irish Together.
Ualda Female Teutonic Brave.
Udell Male English From the yew tree valley.
Udall Male English From the yew tree valley.
Ustean Male Teutonic Intelligent.
Unelina Female Latin Bear.
Unwin Male English Unfriendly.
Urquhart Male Scottish From the fount on the knoll.
'Umar Male Arabic Variant of Umar: Old Arabic name. Second Khalifah of Islam. Age. Lifetime. Also a variant of Omar: Life. Long living.
Ullok Male English Wolf sport.
Ulysses Male Latin wrathful
Uta Female German fortunate maid of battle
Ugbjom Male Norse War bear.
Umayma Female Egyptian Little mother.
Uli Female German Mistress of all.
Ulrica Female English Feminine form of Ulric: Wolf ruler.
Unique Female Latin Only one.
Ulfmaerr Male Norse Famous wolf.
Ursule Female Latin Bear.
Uz Male Biblical Counsel, words.
Ushas Female Indian Dawn.
Ulrich Male German Noble leader.
Unity Female English Oneness
Uistean Male Irish Variant of Euston: Heart.
Ucal Male Biblical Power, prevalency.
Uland Male Teutonic Fom the noble land.
Uilleam Male Gaelic Helmeted.
Usama Male Arabic King of Jungle. Lion.
Upwode Male English From the upper forest.
Udolph Male English Wealthy wolf.
Uria Female Hebrew light of the lord
Uptun Male English From the upper farm.
Udele Female English wealthy
Uald Female Norse Ruler.
Ulla Female German To Fill Up

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