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Vova Male Slavic Universal ruler.
Victorio Male Spanish Conqueror.
Vignette Female French Little vine.
Verrell Male French True.
Vema Female Indian Goddess of sex.
Vijaya Female Hindi Victory.
Vivika Female Indian Wisdom.
Vsndyke Male Dutch From the dike.
Vivianne Female English Variant of Vivien, the Lady of the Lake In Malory's 'Mort d'Arthur'. Also Merlin's enchantress.
Vallerie Female Not available or unknown Form of VALERIE. strong
Valerik Male Latin Valiant.
Valerijs Male Latin Valiant.
Vasyklo Male Greek Regal.
Vanda Female Slavic wanderer
Vangie Female Not available or unknown From EVANGELINE, Like an Angel
Venjamin Male Hebrew Son of the right hand.
Varuna Male Indian Infinite.
Vasilissa Female Russian Royal.
Valentiln Male Latin Valiant.
Vach Female Indian Well spoken.
Vevila Female Celtic woman with a melodious voice
Valerii Male Latin Valiant.
Vanna Female Hebrew Form of VANESSA. butterfly
Violenta Female Shakespearean 'All's Well That Ends Well.' Neighbour and friend to the Widow of Florence.
Valerian Male Latin Valiant.
Verbane Female Latin Sacred limb.
Vincentio Male Shakespearean 'Measure for Measure' The Duke. 'The Taming of the Shrew' Vincentio, a Merchant of Pisa.
Vladmiri Male Russian Has peace.
VasyItso Male Greek Regal.
Vedas Female Hindi Eternal laws.
Vardan Male French From the green hill.
Vaive atoish Male NativeAmerican Alights on the cloud (Cheyenne).
Vinay Male Hindu polite
Varushka Female Russian Stranger.
Van Male Dutch from, of
Vergil Male Latin Flourishing.
Viho Male NativeAmerican Chief (Cheyenne).
Viva Female Hungarian Life.
Varian Male Latin Fidde.
Val Male Latin Power
Veradis Female Latin True.
Vokivocummast Male NativeAmerican White antelope (Cheyenne).
Vortigem Male ArthurianLegend Name of a king.
Volney Male German People's spirit.
Vernon Male Latin Youthful
Valerio Male Italian Brave or strong.
Viviane Female ArthurianLegend The Lady of the Lake.
Ventura Female Spanish Good fortune.
Vsn Eych Male Dutch From the osk.
Von Male Not available or unknown From.. (diminutive of a surname)
Venedictos Male Latin Blessed.
Vruyk Male English From the fortress.
Vito Male Latin conqueror
Vanora Female Scottish white wave
Viktoryn Male Latin Conqueror.
Vafara Female French Brave.
Virgene Female Latin Chaste; virginal.
Vyasa Male Indian Name of a poet.
Vallonia Female Latin From the vale.
Vyvyan Female Latin Variant of Viva: Alive.
Vinsone Male English Son of Vinn.
Victoriano Male Spanish Conqueror.
Vidette Female Hebrew Dearly loved.
Vibeke Female Danish Little woman.
Vilhelmina Female Swedish Determined protector.
Viv Female Latin Diminutive of Viva: Alive.
Vaetilda Female Norse Mother of the Skraeling children.
Valborga Female German Protecting ruler.
Vincenzio Male Italian Victor.
Varun Male Hindu rain god
Vac Female Indian Well spoken.
Vromme Male Dutch Wise.
Vashti Female Persian beautiful
Vedette Female French From the guard tower.
Vishnu Male Hindi Protector of the worlds.
Vritra Male Indian A demon.
Valentin Male Latin Valiant.
Van Ness Male Dutch Of the headland.
Vincent Male Latin Conqueror, Victor
Vedis Female Teutonic Holy spirit of the forest.
Valborg Male Scandinavian mighty mountain
Vladislav Male Russian Has glory.
Vikki Female Latin Diminutive of Victoria: Victory; triumphant. Famous Bearer: Queen Victoria (1819-1901).
Venessa Female Greek Butterfly.
Vickie Female Latin Diminutive of Victoria: Victory; triumphant. Famous Bearer: Queen Victoria (1819-1901).
Vilma Female Russian Russian form of Wilma: determined protector.
Veradisia Female Latin True.
Viradecthis Female Anglo-Saxon A Tungrian goddess.
Voleta Female Greek veiled one
Vande Female German Wanderer.
Vemita Female Latin Bom in the spring.
Virtus Female Latin Virtue.
Victorina Female French Victory.
Victorien Male Latin Conqueror.
Vrishni Male Indian Manly.
Vincentia Female Latin Triumphant.
Velutus Male Shakespearean 'The Tragedy of Coriolanus.' Sicinius Velutus, Tribune of the People.
Virgilio Male Spanish Form of VIRGIL. strong
Viheke Female German Little woman.
Vince Male Latin Form of VINCENT. Conqueror, Victor

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