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Winward Male English From Wine's forest.
Wafiqah Female Arabic Successful.
Walker Male English one who thickens cloth
Wulfgar Male Anglo-Saxon Wolf spear.
Wa'iz Male Arabic Preacher. Advisor.
Waliyullah Male Arabic Supporter of God.
Wilburt Male English Willful; bright.
Wallis Male Anglo-Saxon Stranger.
Wilde Female German Untamed.
Wikvaya Male NativeAmerican One who brings (Hopi).
Wilson Male German son of William
Wanda Female German kindred
Wayne Male English Wagoner
Wall Male Shakespearean 'A Midsummer Night's Dream' Snout, a tinker, acts as Wall in the play within the play.
Wendelina Female Teutonic Wander.
Wendlesora Male English From Windsor.
Wyndell Male English Friend. Surname.
Wiktorja Female Polish Polish form of Victoria: victory.
Walton Male English From the Welshman's farm.
Wales Male Shakespearean 'King Henry IV, Part 1 and 2' Edward Poins, an irregular humorist. 'Henry VI, Part 2' Son of Richard Plantagenet, Duke of York. 'King Henry the Sixth, Part III' Edward, Prince of Wales, son to King Henry VI.
Welborne Male English From the spring brook.
Wheatley Male English From the wheat meadow.
Weston Male English West town. Surname.
Wahidah Female Arabic Sole. Single.
Wharton Male English From the estate at the hollow.
Waqar Male Arabic Dignity. Sobriety.
Winwodem Male English From Wine's forest.
Winfield Male English Stone marker of friendship. Surname.
Ward Male English Guardian
Walter Male German powerful warrior
Willoughby Male English From the willow farm.
Wamblee Male NativeAmerican Eagle (Sioux).
Whitby Male Scandinavian Farm with White Walls
Westen Male English West town. Surname.
Wendale Male English Traveler; wanderer.
Waylan Male English Variant of Wayland. The mythological Scandinavian Wayland was a blacksmith with supernatural powers. Modern singer Waylon Jennings.
Wickley Male English From the village meadow.
Wisal Female Arabic Communion. Love.
Wilmer Male English Resolute; famous.
WiIhemine Female Teutonic Firm defender.
Waleed Male Arabic Variant of Walid: Newborn child.
Wattesone Male English Son of Walter.
Wyth Male English From the willow tree.
Winnie Female Celtic White or fair.
Wiatt Male English Guide.
Williams Male English Son of William.
Washburne Male English From the flooding brook.
Willis Male German Son of WILLIAM
Westbroc Male English From the west brook.
Warley Male English From the weir meadow.
Wacleah Male English From Wake's meadow.
Whitfield Male English From the Small Field
Wynford Male English White stream; holy stream.
Waneta Female American Indian charger
Werian Male Anglo-Saxon Defends.
Win Male English Friend.
Wynthrop Male English From Wine's estate.
Wathiq Male Arabic Confident. Strong.
Wylie Male Anglo-Saxon Enchanting.
Wirt Male Anglo-Saxon Worthy.
Winema Female American Indian female chief
Werhar Male Teutonic Protecting army.
Wiraathat Male Arabic Variant of Wirathat: Inheritance. Legacy.
Wise Male Irish Ardent or wise.
Waqaar Male Arabic Variant of Waqar: Dignity. Sobriety.
Wada Male English Advancer.
Wurt Male Anglo-Saxon Worthy.
Wiellatun Male English From the spring farm.
Wandy Female German Wanderer.
Welford Male English From the spring by the ford.
Wahida Female Arabic Variant of Wahidah: Sole. Single.
Whitford Male English From the white ford.
Willifrid Male German Resolute or peaceful.
Wilmod Male German Resolute spirit.
Wolfe Male English Wolf.
Wetherly Male English From the wether sheep meadow.
Welton Male English town near the well
Wselfwulf Male Anglo-Saxon Wolf of slaughter.
Wallace Male French A Stranger
Wematin Male NativeAmerican Brother (Algonquin).
Wajaahat Male Arabic Variant of Wajahat: Esteem. Credit.
Woodrow Male English The Path through the Woods
Walmond Male German Mighty protector.
Wybert Male English Bright battle.
Walid Male Arabic Newborn child.
Wyanet Female NativeAmerican Beautiful.
Wanikiy Male NativeAmerican Savior (Sioux).
Wijdan Female Arabic Ecstasy. Sentiment.
Wende Female Teutonic Wander.
Waki Female NativeAmerican Shelter (Hopi).
Witton Male English From the wise man's estate.
Wolcott Male English cottage in the woods
Wyoming Female English From the US state name Wyoming. Famous bearer: Wyoming Knott, character in Robert Heinlein's "The Moon is a Harsh Mistress".
Willy Male English Diminutive of William or any names begining with 'Will-' ; 'Resolute protector; will.'.
Weifield Male English From the field by the weir.
Wolfrick Male German Wolf ruler.
Waldifrid Male German Peaceful ruler.
Woudman Male Dutch Forester.
Weolingtun Male English From the wealthy estate.
Wafiyyah Female Arabic Loyal. Faithful.

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