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Reading With Your Baby Reading With Your Baby
Perhaps the best thing about helping to nurture a love of reading in your child is that it's reciprocal.
Prevent Kids from Poisoning Prevent Kids from Poisoning
Where do you think is the safest place for a child? Many people would say at "home." In fact, that is where most children are accidentally poisoned.
Things Dangerous To Your Child Things Dangerous To Your Child
Items to keep locked up out of sight and out of reach of children.
Playground Safety Playground Safety
Kids love playgrounds. But the playground is also a place where children can get hurt.
Learning to Use the Potty Learning to Use the Potty
Toileting is one of the most basic physical needs of young children and one of the most difficult topics of communication among parents, child care providers, and health care professionals when asked to determine the "right" age a child should be able to successfully and consistently use the toilet.
Babysitters and Helpers Babysitters and Helpers
How can you find someone who can diaper like a pro, handle any emergency, and play games instead of parking your baby in front of the TV?
Baby Outdoors Baby Outdoors
Spending time in the great outdoors with baby is a wonderful activity. Teaching them an appreciation and respect for nature now will help them to enjoy it throughout life.
Single Parenting Single Parenting
As a single parent you should be proud of your status. Do not develop an inferiority complex.
Your Toddler's Eating Habits Your Toddler's Eating Habits
Most parents will feel that the more their child eats the better. They feel that this is a reflection on their parenting and the more the child eats the more successful the parent.
Starting Solid Food Starting Solid Food
Starting your baby on solid foods is the beginning of lifelong eating habits that contribute to his or her overall health.

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