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Emotional Support Of Sick Newborns Emotional Support Of Sick Newborns
Emotional Responses of Parents and Stages of Adaptation
Common Problems and Diseases of Newborn Babies Common Problems and Diseases of Newborn Babies
Many common diseases with explanations and answers
Toys of First Months Toys of First Months
In early weeks almost all your baby want is to be close to you. But there are things you can buy or make that your baby will enjoy looking at, and before long he'll be actively playing.
Toys For Infants Toys For Infants
Toys for this age are primarily for looking listening, sucking or fingering.
Understand Your Babyís Cues Understand Your Babyís Cues
Even before they can talk, babies use facial expressions and body language to communicate. And learning to interpret your baby's cues turns out to be fairly easy.
Smalll CopyCats Smalll CopyCats
Babies and young children are incredible copycats, learning by example. Learn why your baby copies you.
Baby cooing Baby cooing
How does an infant learn how to make the sounds he hears - by cooing and babbling and copying the grown-ups around him.
Caring a Newborn Caring a Newborn
Find someone who will be able to help you in your care of a baby.
At Home with Your Newborn At Home with Your Newborn
For many mothers the first weeks at home with a new baby are often the hardest in their lives. You will probably feel overworked, even overwhelmed.
Fatherís Cares Fatherís Cares
The fact is that babies not only need to be comforted, they also need to be engaged and stimulated, and this role is a perfect one for a dad looking to get involved.

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