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A Parentís Guide to Homework Help

A Parentís Guide to Homework Help
Strategies for Homework Success

As a parent, you can help your child improve his or her performance in classes by
ensuring that homework is understood and completed. Some basic strategies for
success are:

1. Help your child find an appropriate and consistent environment for study.

•This place should be quiet, and have adequate lighting and a desk or writing
surface. If possible, have your child use this place as a study area exclusively.
•Minimize distractions such as TV, stereo, telephone, etc.

2. Help your child set a routine .

•Set up a homework routine for the same time daily, if possible. This will let your
child know that you have expectations of him or her with regards to homework. It
will also help your child develop a habit of completing schoolwork at the same
time and place daily.

3. Help your child be prepared to do the work.

•Stock your homework center with the appropriate supplies, such as a dictionary,
thesaurus, textbooks, pencils, paper, calculators, etc.

4. Help your child set goals.

•Suggest that your child set short-range goals prior to beginning homework. For
example, "1) Review the concept of slope. 2) Complete the assigned math
homework. 3) Write a thesis statement for my essay."

•Take short breaks between assignments for different classes.

5. Help your child get organized.

•Encourage the use of a daily planner and demonstrate how to use it to organize
assignments, extra curricular activities, and other commitments.

•Suggest he or she keep three-ring notebooks for each subject taken.

6. Monitor your child's progress occasionally.

•Touch base with your child while he or she is completing the work. Be aware of
what needs to be accomplished each night and check to see that it is done, if

•Avoid hovering over your child throughout the homework session.

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