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Tips on organizing a Classroom Party

Tips on organizing a Classroom Party
Organizing a classroom party can be overwhelming. Try to prepare funny and cognitive things beforehand to occupy children's attention and got them all interested.

You shouldn't feel pressured as it is really easy to put together a fun classroom party which kids will remember for a long time. Here are some important things you need to know in order to throw an incredibly fun classroom party.

The first thing you'll need to do is meeting with the other parents as well as the teacher and to find out what your responsibilities will be.

Try to find out beforehand:

• How much time will be allocated for the party?

• Does the teacher want the parents to run the entire party, or will she be organizing some of the activities?

• Will the fund of the party be collected from all of the students, and who is responsible for collecting the money or is there a budget for the party?

• If necessary organize donations for things such as food, crafts, party goods and goody bags.

• What kind of food does the teacher want served - parents' choice? all healthy? minimal mess?

When planning snacks for a class party, the first thing you should interest is whether there are any allergies in the classroom. Prepare some kind of healthy snack such as a tray of cut fruit. Try to plan snacks that carry out the theme of your holiday. Salty snacks are also popular party food. And don't serve too many choices otherwise, children will load up their plates, and then you'll see a ton of food dumped into the trash can at the end of the party.

As for other things needed: keep the craft simple and manageable within the time frame; keep the craft age appropriate; if the craft will be transported home that day, remember to take into account the drying time required for paint or glue projects. Naturally, whenever possible, choose a craft that is theme appropriate.

At most classroom parties you should plan games or activities so that the children can work off a little bit of energy. If the weather is nice, it may be possible to plan games for outside such as relay races. But there are plenty of fun games you can play in the classroom or gym, as well.

At the day of the party

Party supplies, crafts, food and juice boxes can be heavy and cumbersome - so bring along a rolling cart or a wagon to make the trip from the car to the classroom. Ask your helpers to be there early to help you set up. It is recommended passing out all the food and drinks first - so when the kids come back in, they can sit down and start eating right away. Set up the rest of your activities and decorations.

Class parties are fun and memorable for kids, so be sure to bring along a camera to catch those memories! Try to find music appropriate to the party - it really helps set the mood and the kids will love it.

Have a parent helper go around with a trash bag during the party to clean up after the kids, and another parent assigned to help with refills or seconds. The kids should usually eat first, and then play a game (if planned). While the game is going on - you can clear the desks for a craft or activity if you have one set up.

Also you can bring a book along with you that relates to the holiday or season. It's good to have as a back-up in case your class gets too rowdy. You can call them to sit in a circle and read a quick and interesting story to them. They'll quiet down pretty quickly, but will still be having fun!

Make sure that you are finishing up on time. Most class parties take place during the end of the school day, so you will need to wrap up the party on time to allow students to get their backpacks ready and lined up for dismissal.

Make sure the children have their goody bags and/or take home projects as they leave to go home. Use extra trash bags to pick up all the trash and leftover food.

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