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Failing School Failing School
Underachieving in Adolescents and its Possible Reasons
Figuring Out School Truancy Figuring Out School Truancy
Truancy is a big problem in schools today, as many kids simply don't show up for class, day after day.
Your Kid's Safety Your Kid's Safety
Some safety tips for parents and for kids.
Your Child Stays Alone Your Child Stays Alone
How do you know if your child is ready to stay home alone or ride his bike to school? By asking him.
Sleeping Disorders Sleeping Disorders
Bedtime battles are common with younger children. Sometimes a child will only go to sleep if a parent is there, fall asleep downstairs, or want to go to bed at the same time as his parents.
Sleep Enough For Schoolchildren Sleep Enough For Schoolchildren
Children at primary school age need approximately 12 hours of sleep in each 24-hour period. As they get older they may need only nine or ten hours of sleep at night, but it varies just as it does for adults.
Video Game Addiction Video Game Addiction
A recent study of children in their early teens found that almost a third played video games daily, and that - more worryingly - 7% played for at least 30 hours a week. What are the long-term effects of any activity that takes up 30 hours of leisure time a week on the educational, health and social development of children and adolescents?
"Difficult" Kids
How do you know if your child fits the profile of a difficult, sensitive, challenging, quirky or spirited child?
Bullying Bullying
Even toddlers can be bullies or victims of bullies. In fact, aggressive behavior toward other kids may even peak around age 2. Teach your children how to be assertive in acceptable ways, and they will not fall victim to bullies, nor will they become bullies themselves.
Help your Kids Stay Feet and Ready to Learn Help your Kids Stay Feet and Ready to Learn
Healthier bodies means better learners so take care of your schooler's diet.

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