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The Best Positions To Get Pregnant

The Best Positions To Get Pregnant
Avoid straddling your partner while making love. Positions where sperm is not likely to leak out are the best. Placing a pillow under your hips during or after making love allows your cervix to rest in the semen for a short time. allowing sperm time to travel to the cervix.

Make sure the pillow isn't too large and the sperm winds up behind your cervix.

If you have a tilted or tipped uterus, making love from behind may allow the sperm an easier path to your cervix.

Positions to Avoid

Any position sitting, standing, or with you on top will not allow the sperm time to reach it's destination - your cervix - and will make the job of the sperm much harder if not impossible, in reaching the cervix.

The Missionary Position (man on top) has been said to be the position for conception, however their are no conclusive studies performed regarding this issue. The reason this is believed to be the best position is that it allows for the deepest penetration, getting the sperm closer to the cervix. You can also try having DH enter from behind (Doggy Style or Rear Entry) , either lying down or kneeling, this can also help to deposit sperm close to the cervix and aid conception. This is a good option for women with a tilted uterus.

After intercourse, try putting a pillow under your bottom, elevating your hips allowing for more sperm contact. Stay there for at least 30 minutes. Why make the sperm fight gravity on top of all the other obstacles it has to get through to get to where it needs to go.

Note: If you are predisposed to getting urinary tract infections and advised to go to the bathroom immediately after intercourse, do so.

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