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Trying to conceive

Planning for a baby Planning for a baby
If you've decided the time is right to get pregnant, you've likely already begun emotionally preparing yourself for a lifelong commitment to your child.
A healthy lifestyle importance A healthy lifestyle importance
Preparing for pregnancy is an excellent reason to improve your health. To give your future baby the best possible start in life.
Blighted ovum Blighted ovum
A blighted ovum will eventually result in miscarriage, although this may not occur for several weeks.
Healthy Body Weight Healthy Body Weight
No, one should not assume weight alone is a problem. It can be, but it is not a given. In fact, weight is probably only a factor less than 10 percent of the time.
About Fertility About Fertility
As many as one couple in six experience some difficulty in conceiving. With modern technology, many people can now overcome fertility challenges via a number of medical procedures.
Problems of Infertility Problems of Infertility
Infertility is a situation when a couple is not able to conceive for a year without the use of any contraceptive device. According to the American Society for Reproductive Medicine, infertility is said to affect nearly 10% of the reproductive population of America.
What Affects Fertility What Affects Fertility
Once all factors that may affect fertility are correctly assessed, a treatment plan can be chosen. A systematic evaluation of all the fertility factors can be completed in three menstrual cycles.
Getting Pregnant After Taking Oral Contraception Getting Pregnant After Taking Oral Contraception
When you stop taking the pill you should go through a process of readying your body for pregnancy. Instead of rushing into the conceiving stage, take a couple months to really relax and enjoy your life, and your partner.
Your Eating Habits While Conceiving Your Eating Habits While Conceiving
The months before you conceive should ideally be a 'trial run' for pregnancy itself, and you should try your best to improve your eating habits now.
Multivitamin Diet before Getting Pregnant Multivitamin Diet before Getting Pregnant
Healthy foods, such as whole grains, fruits and vegetables, are the best sources of vitamins and minerals. It is especially important for women who want to become pregnan.

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